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Aug 30, 2013 10:09 AM

No wheat, sugar, cow dairy, potatoes or tomatoes.. Need recipes please!

I am cutting out wheat, sugar, cow dairy, potatoes and tomatoes as part of a diet during my pregnancy (recommended by my doctor) and could really use some help with recipe ideas.. I can have any other grains and vegetables except aubergines. If anyone has any recipes (for all meals) they can share I would really appreciate it!

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  1. It seems like the low carb threads might be of use to you. Any recipes for all meals is rather vague. Perhaps you can narrow it down a bit.

    1. Google paleo or primal styles of eating, Just cut the tomatoes from that and you'll be great!

      1. Sounds like you are needing to replace pasta, pizza, and sandwiches!

        There are lots and lots of soups. Chicken or beef with vegetable, beans and greens, various "cream of" soups with just the vegetable puréed.
        Roasted or grilled meat, rice or quinoa, green veggies. Salads... Use lots of avocado to help replace the cheese factor.
        Tacos, other Mexican food with corn tortillas
        Chinese inspired stir fries.

        Is there something more specific you are craving?

        1. google gluten-free, paleo and primal. you can have sheep or goat milk cheese and there are hundreds of varieties of both available.

          1. Are you cutting out the tomatoes and potatoes and eggplant because they're nightshades? You may wish to use caution with peppers, too.

            As others noted, you are very much describing a paleo diet, one which really ups the proteins and vegs and avoids cow dairy. Lots of great recipes are google-able.