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Aug 30, 2013 08:56 AM

Cambridge-area butchers

I know there have been many threads about butchers over the years, but it's time for another one. What are some of the best butchers in the area, preferably in or around Cambridge? In particular, I'm looking for a dry aged boneless NY strip, and am trying to match the consistently excellent quality I get at Eataly in NYC (albeit for $28/lb.).

I went to Savenor's Cambridge location last week, where I was able to get an excellent dry aged Porterhouse ($19.99/lb), but my stove top preparation really does better with a boneless cut. (Might Savenor's Boston location have more options?)

I would expect to be able to find this at John Dewar, in Wellesley. Are there other options closer to home?

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  1. I am not sure if Michael dry ages his beef, but surely M F Dulock on Highland Avenue in Somerville is one of the highest quality butchers I have shopped in many years.

    Recently voted Boston's best butcher (BoMag, I think).

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          Dulock dry ages some (but definitely not all) of their meat. Call ahead and tell them what you are looking for. The dry aged meat I have gotten from Mike has generally come from their walk in, not the butcher case.

          Did you ask the butcher at Savenors in Cambridge? They have always accommodated any special requests we have made, particularly if calling in advance.

          I'm not a Whole Foods fan, but the Fresh Pond location has a great butcher and does a fair amount of dry aged beef.

          Fresh Pond Market is another option in Cambridge. I haven't seen (or asked for) dry aged product there, but the butcher is generally of excellent quality.

        2. Blumie did you ask them if they had the cut you want....often their supply in the fridge out back far exceeds what's showing in the case. They special cut double bone in pork chops for me all the time and I have had them cut extra thick boneless ribeyes as well. Good luck.

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            Yes I did. The porterhouse was in the back and cut to order for me.

          2. I haven't lived in Cambridge for years, but I lived there for 11 years just a block from Savenor's. Once in a while I would run into Julia Child there. She just lived two blocks from me. Great foodie neighborhood! Anyway, Savenor's was the best butcher I have ever dealt with. If Mr. Savenor is no longer working, I imagine he would only get the best and train them with all of his experience. I would go back there and ask to speak with the butcher. He was very approachable and would make whatever you wanted. I would try again.