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Aug 30, 2013 08:55 AM

Great coffee shops and cute restaurants between Blowing Rock and Boone, NC?

Planning road trip in October in Blowing Rock, Boone area, and looking for charming places to eat and sip coffee other than roadside diners.

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  1. Coffee shops may be a bit tough...Local Lion, which is a doughnut shop with good coffee is in Boone. Conrads is in Boone. Bald Guy Brew is a unique spot in Boone as well. I am not as familiar with Blowing Rock as far as coffee. River Dog is in Linville.

    Restaurants in the area (the Bs, which includes Banner Elk/Linville):


    Artisanal , Banner Elk
    The Eseeola Lodge, Linville
    Vidalia, Boone
    Rowlands, Westglow Spa, Blowing Rock
    Knife & Fork, Spruce Pine (a haul but worth the drive)
    Bistro Roca, BR

    Good, casual..maybe less "charming":

    Coyote Kitchen, Boone (more casual)
    Painted Fish, BE
    Mint (Indian), Boone
    Sorrentos, BE
    Storie Street Grill, BR
    Twigs, BR

    Have fun