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Fun Boston restaurant for teenager?

I need help finding a fun, somewhat casual restaurant that a teenage girl would enjoy.

We'll be at Mass General Hospital for some potentially serious & life-changing doctors appointments and I am trying to help my friends that day by being supportive & encouraging. I'd like to plan lunch/dinner somewhere where they can relax and enjoy themselves afterwards; we're all trying to put a positive spin on the mood of the day and I thought having a "fun" place to eat afterwards would give the teenager something to look forward to.

I'd like to be served, no cafeteria or food court-style, so that my friends can relax and be taken care of. Any suggestions for us? Thank you so much, in advance!

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  1. "served" killed my idea of taking her to Castle Island, to Sullivan's, where you can enjoy the fresh air and the water and the planes and all the people.

    1. Fire and Ice pleases a lot of teens I know, but there is diner participation.

      I wish you nothing but the best possible outcome of your appts.

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        I was going to recommend F&I too. All the teens I know love it and I would think the "create your own" atmosphere could be pleasantly distracting.

        However for a real "taken care of" feeling Scampo fits the bill.

      2. it's this teen and presumably some adults too, yes?

        you are easy walking distance to scampo, which has a great variety of foods and lovely secluded patio.

        best of luck.

        1. My 15 year old was hospitalized a few times this summer. When he was able to go out, he really, REALLY enjoyed Max Brenner on Boylston street. Their "everything chocolate" theme is a bit much for me since I don't really like chocolate but my teenagers loved it. My salad and the kids' and husband's food was perfectly acceptable. Service was particularly friendly on the 2 nights we went- there were 2 problems with our meal one night that were not really anyone's fault (e.g. a patron knocked into a server, knocking a dessert on the floor) but they leapt in and comped us a whole bunch of things to make up for it.

          The best thing about the place, imho, is that the chocolate theme gives a very stressed family something else to talk about other than medical issues. Those dinners out when there is a hospitalization can be very awkward because the whole family is just. thinking. about. the. scary. medical. stuff. Being able to change the subject by talking about the theme of the restaurant is a huge relief.

          1. The last time my daughter had an appointment at MGH, I had my ex-wife take her to Friendly Toast, just across the Longfellow Bridge in Kendall Square. Not my first choice for adults, but it's fine for adults and kids tend to love it and the kitschy atmosphere.

            (Note that the Longfellow Bridge is closed to westbound traffic due to construction, so driving to Friendly toast from MGH now requires going over the Harvard (Mass Ave.) Bridge or up to the Science Museum.)

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              very easy t-ride too. charles mgh stop is right there and then just 1 stop to kendall.

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                and the view going over the river could be helpful!

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                  yup. was just on that ride yesterday. sailboats and all -- one of our city's prettiest views.

                  it's a lovely walk too, depending upon everybody's mobility.

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                My teen really loves Friendly Toast and the kitsch is a great topic of conversation. Highly recommended. Good luck!

              3. Kinsale may be an option for Irish pub feel and short walk.

                Best wishes to all of you.

                1. Thank you, everyone, for the great suggestions and well wishes. They are all much appreciated!

                  1. We've spent a lot of time at MGH in the past few years. Had a few lunches at Scampo right next door. It's in the Liberty Hotel that was and old prison that gutted the interior completely. Nice lobby, great restaurant, and right next door. It worked for us while waiting to hear from the recovery nurse.

                    1. My Son had Cf and was a regular at MGH we would take him to Dicks Last resort it was a lot of fun for the family.

                      1. Depending on what you consider fun - Helmand isn't too far away, and has Afghan food that's meant to be very good. Tangierino is a short drive away also, and has great Moroccan food. I'd also agree with the suggestions of Friendly Toast and Scampo.

                        If you're ok with driving about ten minutes, East Coast Grill is very "fun" and casual also. I'd highly recommend it for that age group. They just started taking reservations, too.

                        1. Cuchi Cuchi in Central Sq is a real hoot, esp for females. A Victorian bordello like room with lots of laughing and joyful energy .All the staff are women, dressed up in boas and sparkly clothes and jewelry. Broad International menu of small plates that also give you lots to sample and share. Food ranges from good to excellent . A lot of fun. Full bar as well.

                          1. Davios at the Sonesta is not too far, over in Charlestown is the Warren Tavern, very old and I think good food with a menu any teen would love. There is a cheescake factory at the galleria mall

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                              I'm assuming Dante is still at the Sonesta?

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                                  Yup, thanks, always get Dante and davios confused, thanks for the correction

                            2. My teen loves chinese hot pot, where you order broth and stuff to cook in it at the table. I don't know if it's relaxing enough, though. We go to Little Q in Arlington, but their sister restaurant, Q Restaurant, in Chinatown might be fun.

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                                I took 2 12 year old girls to Q in Chinatown and they loved it.

                              2. Another fun, Asian, participatory experience is Beef Seven Ways, a.k.a. seven courses of beef, which is available at Pho Hoa in Chinatown.

                                You cook several of the courses at your own table - grilling, frying, etc the slices of beef, then making your own fresh rolls with the vegetables and rice papers provided. It's served for two people, but could be a centerpiece dish with an appetizer, entree or or two for a larger party. It's a slow and relaxed meal.

                                Pho Hoa has a liquor license, if that matters to the adults.

                                1. If she likes chocolate, take her to Max Brenner! This place is the Promised Land for chocolate lovers, I'm telling you. (Don't worry, they have normal food in addition to their extensive sweets menu.) I recommend the "choco puffs" hot chocolate and the "Euphoria peanut butter chocolate fudge sundae."

                                  If you're up for something a little more expensive but worth the price, check out the Melting Pot. I think the Boston location does both lunch and dinner. Cheese fondue, hot pot, and chocolate fondue! It's fun, it's different, and would be a memorable experience even if you hadn't had surgery earlier.

                                  Wishing your friend a speedy recovery!