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Aug 30, 2013 06:56 AM

Labor Day Weekend DC

I want to take advantage of a lot people being out of town this weekend. Any suggestions of hard to get into restaurants that I should try? I have no dietary restrictions.

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  1. Just a note- I tried to go out on Memorial Day and was shocked at the number of restaurants who were closed. Call first!

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    1. re: Hobbert

      If we go it will be not this weekend but the following weekend, Saturday the 7th. Other option would be to go to stay in Frederick in between DC and Baltimore and go to Volt for dinner. Trying a bit to watch our expenses. I'm sure dinner there is quite pricey. But honestly if worth it, we don't mind spending the money.
      Trying to decide if worth the detour or not. We'll be in DC for three nights so we'll be eating well when there.
      Any further info would be appreciated.

      1. re: KathyH

        Oops, sorry about the above post. Meant to reply to the topic on Volt. That is what happens when I don't have enough caffeine.

    2. I would try to get a reservation (or walk in) to Le Diplomat. That's a pretty hard reservation to get these days and 100% worth it.

      1. Rasika, Mintwood Place, Red Hen, Le Diplomat, Kapnos...

          1. re: ipsedixit

            They're closed until September 4.