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Aug 30, 2013 01:27 AM


The landmark downtown restaurant closed its doors tonight. One of the (southeast) Asian fusion restaurant bids aloha... shall be missed. I was one of those frequented the resto. when it first opened in 1994.
Will be missed.

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  1. in another thread someone just said they weren't closing??

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    1. re: indelibledotink

      I heard they are re-opening under new owner-management

      1. I do hope that they do reopen, as we have dined there for years, and have enjoyed each meal.


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        1. re: Bill Hunt

          The food was always good, the service supremely atrocious every time I was there - especially at lunch. Long waits, wrong orders brought to table, sloppy presentation, dishes brought out at different times (as much as 10 minutes from one person at a table to another) you name it. It made the relaxed service at Hau Tree look like a New York deli. Still, it was good food.

          1. re: KaimukiMan

            Yes -- my experience at lunch time was not as pleasant. But, the dinner service was good as long as you don't go there on Friday after work hours! Just hope they open another one somehow...

            1. re: KaimukiMan

              Wow, we always had GREAT service, on every visit.

              On the day that all of the manhole covers blew into the air, in Honolulu, we were stuck in traffic, but called to tell them that we were coming for our lunch reservation. It took a bit, and most patrons had fled already. We were seated, in an almost empty dining room, but the service was great, as was the food. While many servers got their "late lunch," we never wanted for anything. That is how it has always been for us.

              Sorry to see them go, but such is life.


              1. re: Bill Hunt

                I guess because you were there not at peak hours where office workers come at the same time. Dinner service has always been good.

                1. re: roro808

                  We dined there several times.

                  Often, we would do lunch (usually a tad early), then catch a plane for elsewhere. Some trips, we'd hit HNL via Inter-Island, cab it to Indigos for dinner, then back to HNL to catch those old UAL 747's off the Island at 10:30PM.

                  Sometimes, it would be the weekend, but often a week day, or night.

                  Service was always good for us, as was the food.

                  Last few years, when we do a cab run, between flights, it has been to AW's, and now I am a bit sorry, as we always enjoyed Indigo.



                  1. re: Bill Hunt

                    Yup -- will miss their Happy Hour $4 martini! I enjoyed the garden setting and it's very peaceful (except Friday nites).