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Aug 30, 2013 01:06 AM

Italian grocers in markham

Just got back after spending time in rome and paris. We rented an apartment in paris and enjoyed cooking using local goods from the market. Not able to do so in rome and venice.

Where can i find the italian version of t and t in markham. I am sure lots in woodbridge. But any in markham where i can get good olive oil, pasta, mozzarella and gelato.

I remember going to one on orfus road as well but looking for something closer to home for this weekend. Thanks.

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  1. I suggest Michael-Angelo's at 8555 Woodbine in Markham. They have everything you are trying to source including about two dozen Italian olive oils, fresh mozza, etc.

    Their produce is the best around as their buyer shops the food terminal early every morning and if the quality isn't acceptable they won't offer it.

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      Thanks everyone. Funny thing is I hop into Michael-Angelos from time to time. But normally for meat and to pick up the occasional dufflet cakelet. In and out in 10 min.

      I will take a closer look this weekend. The round mozzarella balls we had in Positano and Rome were so good. Hopefully we can find same here.

      When I was in Montreal, I think there was a supermarket 'Saputo' near Jean-Talon that was great as well. Is there anything like that in Woodbridge? Maybe I will make a trek out there? Still trying to find time to make it to the European supermarket that Charles wrote about.


      1. re: caitlink

        Although not in Markham, but, for Italian cheeses up north, I like 'Grande Cheese Co.,' close to Yonge and Weldrick in Richmond Hill. ( next to H-Mart ). They do have good Mozzarella balls!!

    2. Michael-Angelos is good, for a somewhat smaller but also high quality place - especially if you're in East Markham - check out The Garden Basket. They have a very good selection of dry pasta, olive oils, vinegars...also very good produce (saw bushels of Roma tomatoes and peppers a couple of days ago) and they have a really good selection of 'regular' and organic produce.

      1. +1 for Michael-Angelo's. Add Longo's from across the road on Hwy#7, and the two 'should?' cover your shopping needs??!!