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Aug 29, 2013 09:43 PM

Lunch on South Nicollet

Need to have lunch on S. Nicollet Ave. Driftwood Char Bar, The Lowbrow, or Pat's Tap? Also, does C & G's Smoking BBQ have eat-in tables or is it strictly to-go?

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  1. C&G's has a couple tables. I like the motor city corned beef. Avoid the fries if you go there. I wouldn't go to the driftwood. The food at pat's edges out the lowbrow as well, but it isn't really saying much. I really like the mexican chicken in the gas station at 48th and nicollet, in the same strip as c&g's, but it has 4 small catering tables to eat at and zero ambiance( just eating some delicious pollo asado in a gas station!)
    But I think for the money that sun street has the best food on nicollet for lunch. If you can deviate 4 blocks, kings has a new chef and the food that I ate was a minimum 10x better than the previous, with a lot of it being down right delicious (the mushroom cavatelli is a top notch dish)

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      Agreed with Sun Street, which has great sandwiches. I've heard good things about Blackbird, but I haven't been to their new incarnation.

      A few doors down from Sun Street is Fresh Wok, offering good Chinese-American food. It's takeout only, but they have a table or two where you can sit and eat.

      Up at 37th & Nicollet is Butter Bakery, another place with good lunches -- sandwiches and salads. Great homemade biscuit sandwiches.

    2. I think c&g has closed. If you're interested, call ahead to make sure.
      I like Lowbrow and Pat's Tap, and would also suggest Blackbird; great sandwiches and the peanut noodles are on the lunch menu. Sunstreet is also delicious.
      I haven't tried the new kings menu yet. We go to Ena for lunch quite a bit for their arroz con pollo dish, if you're interested in heading up 46th street.

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        C&G is still open, the Sweets bakery next to them has closed.

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          and still open..... 1lb of tips for I think $6.99 on Mon & Tue

        2. Is El Paraiso open for lunch? Is it any good?

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          1. re: bob s

            I think Hola Arepa took over El Paraiso.

          2. Agree with the others: Sun Street or Blackbird would be better bets.

            1. Yes, Blackbird! In addition to lunch, their breakfast menu is available until 2 pm.