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Lunch on South Nicollet

Need to have lunch on S. Nicollet Ave. Driftwood Char Bar, The Lowbrow, or Pat's Tap? Also, does C & G's Smoking BBQ have eat-in tables or is it strictly to-go?

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  1. C&G's has a couple tables. I like the motor city corned beef. Avoid the fries if you go there. I wouldn't go to the driftwood. The food at pat's edges out the lowbrow as well, but it isn't really saying much. I really like the mexican chicken in the gas station at 48th and nicollet, in the same strip as c&g's, but it has 4 small catering tables to eat at and zero ambiance( just eating some delicious pollo asado in a gas station!)
    But I think for the money that sun street has the best food on nicollet for lunch. If you can deviate 4 blocks, kings has a new chef and the food that I ate was a minimum 10x better than the previous, with a lot of it being down right delicious (the mushroom cavatelli is a top notch dish)

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      Agreed with Sun Street, which has great sandwiches. I've heard good things about Blackbird, but I haven't been to their new incarnation.

      A few doors down from Sun Street is Fresh Wok, offering good Chinese-American food. It's takeout only, but they have a table or two where you can sit and eat.

      Up at 37th & Nicollet is Butter Bakery, another place with good lunches -- sandwiches and salads. Great homemade biscuit sandwiches.

    2. I think c&g has closed. If you're interested, call ahead to make sure.
      I like Lowbrow and Pat's Tap, and would also suggest Blackbird; great sandwiches and the peanut noodles are on the lunch menu. Sunstreet is also delicious.
      I haven't tried the new kings menu yet. We go to Ena for lunch quite a bit for their arroz con pollo dish, if you're interested in heading up 46th street.

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        C&G is still open, the Sweets bakery next to them has closed.

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          and still open..... 1lb of tips for I think $6.99 on Mon & Tue

        2. Is El Paraiso open for lunch? Is it any good?

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            I think Hola Arepa took over El Paraiso.

          2. Agree with the others: Sun Street or Blackbird would be better bets.

            1. Yes, Blackbird! In addition to lunch, their breakfast menu is available until 2 pm.

              1. Sunstreet, Blackbird, Wise Acre

                1. Would like to try Blackbird and Ena eventually but I was in a hurry and needed something quick. (My recent experiences at Sun Street have been less than satisfactory.) So, mitchcumstein, I took your advice and tried the Motor City corned beef at C&G's. And, while it was certainly edible, I didn't think it was any great shakes, especially considering for about the same price you can get a truly detectible pastrami sandwich at B'Witched in the the North Loop. Of course, I wasn't anywhere near there, and Styrofoam box aside, I appreciate the recommendation - thanks. btw, I recently re watched "Caddyshack" and realized who you are, Mitch. I hope you still aren't getting into trouble for night putting.

                  I think I would still like to try the Q at C&G's one day. Also, it's good to know that the gas station has Mexican chicken - next time I'll try that for sure. Also, left out of the discussion is Xin Wong which is always a great old standby.

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                    Ha, ChancesR, I haven't seen the dean's daughter too much lately! Definitely agree that the motor city sammie isn't in the same league as b'witched, but there is a glaring lack of quality lunch spots on south nic. I haven't had a coney from there, but maybe this week some time. Update on the pollo asado though, the sign has been replaced by a tacos el primo sign, so I'll have to check out the taco quality over there, and report back.

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                      Is that the new place run by the chef at Cafe Ena?

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                        That's gonna be called La Fresca, at 47th and grand. Not open yet, but soon I think. I had the smoked sausage from wise acre a couple weeks ago. It was really tasty (a $10 sausage should be) good snap and well dressed. It did take 45 minutes to get to me, however, so if you are in a time crunch, I would look elsewhere.

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                          I had dinner at La Fresca tonight. Tried three of the Primeros and while I enjoyed the Panuchos and the Ceviche de Huachinango, the Chilatl was one of the best things I have ever tasted in a Mexican restaurant. It is a riff on a chile relleno, and is filled with ground beef, raisins, hard boiled egg, olives and a very interesting sauce they call kol maya sauce. A bit off the beaten path (I was heading out to the airport and was looking for something on the way), I highly recommend this restaurant for Mexican food lovers who are tired of the same old same old.

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                            Thanks! I've been interested in that place...

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                              We had dinner at La Fresca. It was REALLY good.

                              We had the guacamole, the Mariscada, and the Carne Asada, and all were fresh and delicious. The only clunkers were the dessert - kind of meh.

                  2. One of the worst sandwiches I've ever eaten was from Sun Street (the hot turkey sandwich). I think it's a very overrated place. If you can hop a couple blocks over, you can find a great lunch at Patisserie 46.

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                      I have walked into Sun Street numerous times and then left again without buying anything. I'm not sure why, but nothing there speaks to me.