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Aug 29, 2013 08:05 PM

Grill 23, tomorrow, for a friends birthday, what one plate should I get?

it's RW, it's an overpriced steakhouse (full disclaimer, ALL steakhouses are overpriced IMNSHO), I'm going there for a good friends birthday dinner though, so I'm ready to make the best of the situation.

That said, what do I order there to make the experience of spending way too much money on a steak that I can cook just as well at home for 1/8 the price not so soul sucking?

Also, can I expect a decent bar tender? I'm going to need me some smokey martini to get through the night, and a bar tender that properly knows how to make one will make up for any other possible disappointments...


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  1. Dry-aged prime boutique-ranch ribeye or strip takes some work and cost to recreate at home. G23, despite the punishing noise levels, is my favorite Boston venue for that kind of steak. (It's a little quieter upstairs.)

    Bartending is very good if you stick to the classics, as opposed to a Drink-style craft number. Don't expect a welcoming nod or precise results if you order a Toronto or Last Word. (What's a smokey martini? Dash of single-malt? I imagine they could fix that up. Good premium whisky selection, and big cocktail glasses.)

    1. G23 is a great place for a great steak in BOS. If you can get beyond your NSHO, you'll be fine, make your friend happy.

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        Agree - nothing flashy here - just quality. Get the cut you like cooked the way you like and have a good scotch. If you go martini, it better not be vodka. :)

      2. If you don't want to spend on a steak, try some of the seafood. They are very creative and very good with fish. I always order fish, usually the nightly special. Also, my favorite steakhouse. Bartending I always found top notch, espcially the martinis. Great wine list! Very loud, very expensive and very good!

        1. your rw entree options are brisket, bluefish or pork belly ramen. OR ny strip with an $8 upcharge. since it's a steakhouse, i'd go with that. personally my home oven doesn't reach 800 degrees like a steakhouse grill does,so i'd put my bias aside for the night to enjoy the food and the company.

          order a standard martini, nothing crafty, and you'll be fine.

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            Having never been to a place during RW can you order off the regular menu if you want or are you locked into the RW one? I would hate to go to G23 and only have those options…

            1. re: foodieX2

              You can order off the full menu at G23. I've never been anywhere that doesn't offer a full menu during RW, though there may be a few. As soon as you order a cocktail and announce you won't be ordering the RW menu, most service levels improve noticeably.

              That said I am a day late on the post and RW, and the OPs meal are over. My rec would have been to enjoy the experience for your friends birthday and order your favorite starter followed by the dry aged NY strip or porterhouse.

              Also to the OP, when you consider that G23 serves largely prime, dry aged Brandt beef, the steaks aren't a terrible deal. If you know of somewhere to buy a comparable porterhouse for $7 (or anything remotely close to that) I will be eternally grateful.

          2. Shell fish chowder is great, I would go with the bone in Ny Sirloin or the Grilled Salmon, if you like Salmon it is one of the best I have had .