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Aug 29, 2013 08:02 PM

Dried Mexican Peppers in Miami?

Hi intrepid cooks,
Any hints on a grocery store with a decent selection of dried Mexican peppers? Preferably close-ish to Miami Beach.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Publix should have several types,i believe 3.If in north miami try lorenzos italian market at 164th and west dixie hiway.

    1. Whole Foods lately also carries a lot more dried peppers and mushrooms at the end of the produce aisle. Publix (1100 6 street, part of a vertical big box) and WF (1020 Alton) are very close to each other in SOBE. I am not so sure about Fresh Market, which is just north, having peppers.

      1. I am not in Miami but any latino based grocery store will carry them. You should be able to easily find ancho, pasilla, de arbol, and guajillos at a minimum.

        1. Wal Mart in Florida City has tons of dried peppers. Fresh Market also carries lots of dried peppers. So maybe Walmart up there would have some? Also online if you can find free shipping saves you a trip wandering around to find some.

          1. try the recently opened Whole Foods on 122 Biscayne Bay