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Aug 29, 2013 06:32 PM

Looking for a dinner option in or near Springfield.

New to the area and looking for places to go. No chains, just real restaurants.

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  1. Here's a few:

    Big Mamou for Cajun
    Max's Tavern at the Basketball Hall of Fame
    Figaro's in Enfield, CT
    Theodore's for BBQ
    Student Prince and the Fort for German
    Cafe Lebanon
    Ginger Blossom for Chinese without the buffet
    Bueno y Sano for Mexican. Very casual, but very good food.
    The Federal for upscale American. Very nice.
    That should help you get started.

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    1. re: awm922

      Bueno y Sano is a chain. Outposts in Northampton and Amherst, at least. For good Mexican, check out La Casita Azteca in Easthampton.

      1. re: onthemove

        It sounds like you are using the term "chain" in a negative term associated to a National chain. Like Taco Bell.

        5 restaurants of a local chain does not have the same meaning as a large national chain that puts out "cookie cutter" food.

        The Max group is also a small local chain in MA and CT, yet there restaurants consistently put out some of the best food, coupled with great service.

        1. re: awm922

          The effort of the Max group in Springfield and Longmeadow is poor. Not worth your money

          1. re: sakeandgin

            "Poor" is very general. Would you care to elaborate on your first hand experience with the Max restaurants that would cause you to rate them that way? I'm sure it would be helpful and insightful to others that, like myself, that have enjoyed those places.

            1. re: awm922

              I am commenting on MA locations only. My visits to CT have always been good. My last visit to Max's Hall of Fame. Our server had given her notice and was allowed to continue working. This was explained to me by the MOD. She served us wrong drinks then completely messed up our food order. She did not care. The MOD told me she had boyfriend issues etc. Not professional on either part. This was after sub par visits on prior visits. Longmeadow burgers are fair lack good flavors and cooking is off. If you are happy then you will continue to go and enjoy. You should

              1. re: sakeandgin

                Curious, sakeandgin, if Max Burger in Longmeadow is lacking, where would you go in the area for the best burger? Plan B or another venue?

                1. re: BoNapateet

                  I would prefer Plan B to Max plus they have a solid whisky program. For just a burger the Luxe that will open in that area soon will have better burgers and choices at cheaper prices.

      2. re: awm922

        Big Mamou = Yes!
        Max's = Cougar white trash bar scene, NO.
        Figaro's = Strip Mall CT italian, NO.
        Theodore's = Dive bar, "ok".
        Student Prince = Rude, bad food, NO.
        Adolfo's = Red sauce homage to local mafioso, NO.
        Cafe Lebanon = Strip mall middle east, NO.
        Ginger Blossom = Best local chinese, Yes.
        Bueno y Sano = Best local mexican, Yes.
        The Federal = Godawful pretentious and tacky, NO.
        Lattitudes = See "The Federal", plus Cougars, NO.

        I'll add that there are no "nice" restaurants in Springfield. It's a poor city with low standards. And I say that as someone who loves Springfield and loves eating out.

        I eat regularly at Big Mamou, Pho Saigon, Panjabi Tadka, Red Rose Pizza, and Felix's. If you stick to honest local food, you'll be fine. If you go for the places that are supposed to be "fancy" or "trendy", you'll be horrified by the experience.

        1. re: johnblacksox

          I'd give Auntie Cathie's Kitchen in West Springfield a try in another month when they get past their shakedown phase (in the old Pintu's) for brunch/lunch (especially since I am gluten-free), Pintu's (it's better and way cheaper than Indian places in Northampton where I live) and Crepes Tea House (Russian-Polish-Eastern European fare), also in West Springfield. I had a seriously good borscht there. I'd avoid any "cutlets" at Crepes, though. College dorm "mystery meat" came to mind.

      3. Drive 15-20 min north and search Northampton. Lots of choices

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        1. re: jefpen2

          Northampton is further than that and really, though there are lots of restaurants, I can think of few that are worth the drive.

          I second Big Mamou, Cafe Lebanon and Ginger Blossom. also Pho Saigon and Alolfo's

          1. re: magiesmom

            Yes, it may be 30 min, but as far as the restaurant selection I respectfully disagree. Isn't there also an Indian in Springfield that is supposed to be very good?

            1. re: jefpen2

              Disagree away. What restaurant in Northampton would you drive 30 minutes for?
              I live a half hour away and never go in just to eat, myself, so I am curious.

              1. re: magiesmom

                I'd drive 30 minutes to Ibiza.
                (I already live in N'hampton, but that's my heartfelt response. Otherwise, nada.)

                1. re: BerkshireTsarina

                  I don't like Ibiza, horrible service on three visits.

                  1. re: magiesmom

                    Went there (Ibiza) once. Our waiter was AN IDIOT and the food was overpriced and uninteresting. Not sure why it is still in business, really.

        2. Cafe Leone on Cooley St. in Springfield
          Mateus or Primavera in Ludlow
          Munich Haus in Chicopee
          Li Brothers in Longmeadow
          A Touch of Garlic on White St. in Springfield
          Bamboo House on Belmont Ave. in Springfield
          Abudanza in Wilbraham
          Family Pizzeria on Sumner Ave. in Springfield

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          1. re: ahartfie

            Cafe Leone = Strip mall Italian, No.
            Touch of Garlic = Food quality is lacking
            Bamboo House = Pretty good, ok.
            Abudanza = Legendary horrible food and service

          2. Vinh Chau .Felix's (byob) Mia's Cafe for Bahn Mi all on Dickinson at the X

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            1. the fort and the white hut

              really thats all you need!

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              1. re: AdamD

                My in-laws live in Longmeadow, and that's been my modus operandi for over 20 years!

                1. re: SteveSCT

                  My dad lived in Longmeadow and he was the one who took me to those places, the peking duck house and of course the Hu Ke Lau (both locations)!

                2. re: AdamD

                  The fort is a joke. White Hut is good if you want a hot dog, no argument there.