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Aug 29, 2013 05:56 PM

Volt for brunch

I'd love to eat at Volt but don't know if dinner there will fit into our schedule on our DC trip. We could stop there for brunch on our way to DC. Has anyone been for brunch? What are your thoughts.

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  1. The brunch is really delicious, but I've never been to dinner, so I can't really compare the two experiences.

    I sat at the bar and service was great. They offer a tasting menu, and a more traditional prix fixe brunch with three courses.

    I would definitely recommend it!

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    1. re: cocobinga

      Thanks for the reply. With all the great restaurants and limited time in the area it gets difficult planning things.

      Other option would be to stay in Frederick in between DC and Baltimore and go to Volt for dinner. Trying a bit to watch our expenses. I'm sure dinner there is quite pricey, figure brunch would let us experience the food and be a bit less expensive. But honestly if worth it, we don't mind spending the money.
      Trying to decide if worth the detour or not. We'll be in DC for three nights so we'll be eating well when there.
      Any further info would be appreciated.