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Aug 29, 2013 04:55 PM

Sub zéro or thermador refrigerator- help rush

Which brand is better? Debating between a stainless Thermador floor model (42" with ice/water in door), a stainless Sub zero 42" with ice/water in door and a 48" with custom panels. Help,

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  1. I am a SubZero fan. We have two side by sides and a 48" bottom Freezer model. All with icemakers, but no water/ice through the door (not a fan of this function, as our pets have operated this in the past).

    I do not like Thermador products because of past service problems, including parts availability. In fact, when we bought our kitchen last August it included two Thermador wall ovens that are sitting in our garage and we'll never use them (wife will use them in a design project for a client).

    Over the years we've had more than 6 SubZero refrigerators in several homes. They last for decades, but the pre 2005 were extremely expensive to run. The post 2005 use about 1/10 of the electricity.
    My only objection is that the grills on top that hide the compressors are now affoxed and it takes a good 10 minutes to remove screww and frame to vacuum/suct the compressors 2-3 time sper year.

    1. Sub-Zeros are the best.

      1. Do a google search for Sub Zero ice dispenser + problems quality or repairs. Not pretty.

        They are the only fridge that dispenses ice on the refrigerator door. You can get ice between the fridge and freezer door and you might become quite competent at using a hair dryer to open the doors. Repairs are about $300-$500 a pop.

        The ice maker is quite finicky about the water pressure fed to it too. But that is not a major problems in most American homes that can afford a SZ. But if you feed it RO filtered water make sure it is one compatible(the right pressure) with SZ.

        If you really want an ice dispenser I would go with the Thermador.

        If not go with SZ. Temperature performance and little features like ultra violet light air filter are pretty cool.

        1. There are complaints about icemakers with Thermador as well. I would look at the layout and see which one would work the best for you. I intended to buy SZ but the icemaker was in a bad place for me among other things and I ended up with KA which has been ok. There wasn't that much of a price difference at the time, and if the layout would have suited me I would have gone with the SZ qualitywise .

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            Well, there a complaints about ALL ice makers.

            But the unusual complaints about Thermador were the first generation Towers. Not the current generation Towers.

            Plus, OP is looking at SxS not towers.

            Complaints about SZ SxS ice maker/dispenser>>>>>> Thermador SxS icemaker dispenser.