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Aug 29, 2013 04:54 PM

Lunch in Greenwich

Looking to find a nice, casual spot for weekday lunch in downtown Greenwich area, preferaby within walking distance of library. I'm hoping for something a little more than Crumbs -- service and seating-wise -- but relaxed and not fancy for lunch after visit to art exhibit. Thanks.

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  1. I was in Greenwich last week and had a couple of very nice light meals at Meli Melo. Crepes, sandwiches, smoothies, etc.

    1. if you can only walk there are a few nice places nearby. Douro (mediterranean)is a really nice, high quality venue for a great value.

      Further down you have the Ginger Man (American, solid but not outstanding), Terra (Italian) which I feel is higher priced but quality

      Penang Grill right off of the ave (chinese/etc) which is superb and a good value as well. Terra and Penang have lunch specials, the others I know serve lunch.

      That's my spread for lunch within walking distance of library at least.

      1. Lots of options for you on Greenwich Ave.
        Pasta Vera is near the top of the ave, they have a deli in the front and sit down service in the back. I used to order lunch from there, great salads and sandwiches.
        There is also a Chipotle and Le Pain Quotidien on Greenwich Ave if you don't mind chains.
        Perpendicular to Greenwich Ave near the train station is a casual Thai place, Thai Basil.
        Agree with the recs of Meli Melo and Terra, I really like both. Meli Melo is casual, cafe-like, don't expect much from service. Terra is more fine dining.

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          Thanks for the ideas. Heading that way shortly and will take a look.