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Aug 29, 2013 04:49 PM

Thanks for the Portland Suggestions

Quite awhile ago I posted asking for suggestions for dinner in Portland. Two weeks ago we were there. Out of your selections we chose Higgins for a lunch which was great. We shared a $10 sandwich of the day which came with a huge amount of salad and a pasta of the day for $16. They did charge us a split fee on both dishes. So the cost was higher than expected but the food was great. For dinner we went to Cabazon which was excellent. We each had the cucmber/cilantro/ Dungeness crab soup and a bowl of Cioppino. Food was great but the service was a bit ragged. The staff was running around like crazy. My guess is they were short a server. Our last choice was dinner at the UBC, Uptown Billiards Club. The 5-course Tasting Menu for $30 was out of this world. If I lived in Portland I would eat there every time they changed the Tasting Menu, which is about every two weeks. If you are visiting Portland do not miss UBC.

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  1. Thanks for the report! Too often people make requests and never report, which makes me less likely to help out next time. Glad you had a good time.

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      We went to Cabezon in June and really enjoyed it -- a neighbourhood place with a bit of an elevated vibe. Uptown Billiards menu changed over to strawberries from Mexican just before we arrived and didn't appeal, alas, but it is back on the radar for sure after your encomium.