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Aug 29, 2013 04:09 PM

Cocktails or Wine bar near SLS Bazaar

Going to be staying at the SLS hotel in Beverly Hills and will be eating and drinking there, but also might like to try out top notch cocktails and / or wine selections from other places in walking distance or a very short cab ride if necessary....

I see that "Red Medicine" is close by - do they have a bar type area where you will get a seat for drinks only on a Sat night?

Other options?


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  1. For an incredible selection of tequilas, El Carmen is not far down 3rd Street to the east of you.

    1. The Roger Room is a good cocktail bar about a 1/2 mile to the north on La Cienega.

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      1. Red Medicine does indeed have a bar-specific area (they're well known for it, in fact). No Reservations required or necessary.

        1. The bar at Bazaar is very good. Great cocktails and service the handful of times that I've been there. However, the food fell far short of expectations the first time we dined there and haven't eaten there since.

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            Sorry, just re-read and saw that you would be already be drinking at Bazaar.

          2. AOC at 8700 W. 3rd Street, just a block or so west of La Cienega.

            Focus is on the wine, as opposed to cocktails.

            btw - the food is good also!

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