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Aug 29, 2013 04:06 PM

Brunch with good coffee in Los Angeles

Looking to try some different places with good brunch options as well as properly made coffee anywhere on the Westside to Downtown.

One of the few places I know of that both has a full kitchen and does a decent coffee is Huckleberry in Santa Monica. I know a lot of the good coffee places around - Intelligentsia, Handsome, Commissary etc....but all they have for eats are a few pastries or pre made sandwiches....

Any suggestions?


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  1. I just reported on a brunch item i had at LAMill in Silverlake. Terrific coffee.

    And intelligentsia Coffee in Silverlake delivers your coffee next-door to Cafe Stella. IMO, their brunch outside is good.

    1. BLD has pretty decent French press but only 1 type of coffee. Larchmont Bungalow also had good French press and I believe a couple of options for blends/roasts.

      1. Bouchon has fantastic coffee, hit or miss brunch.
        Littlefork has fantastic coffee, and a great brunch menu. I have not personally been to brunch, but I love their coffee.

          1. Hart & Hunter in sorta WeHo
            Sycamore Kitchen in mid cities.
            Sqirl in No man's land.
            Proof + Cognescenti in Zoo-adjacent.
            Tasting Kitchen somewhere in the Pacific.

            Since you mentioned Handsome, have you not tried Eggslut? I don't know if you can get more brunchy with the slutty, drippy, sandos.

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              These places look appetizing....thanks Tony!


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                +1 on Eggslut...they have been outside of Commisary a few times...