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Aug 29, 2013 03:21 PM

Need alternate dinner idea... have reservations at Craft, but....

I'll be driving from Pasadena and not sure if I'll make my reservation in time - and don't really want to push it back further.

I've been to Craft once before and loved it. The top notch service and excellent food, in a comfortable atmosphere (not loud/cramped), is why I thought it would be perfect for the occasion (celebrating a 75th b'day).

But, I'm starting to think I should pick someplace closer (so I'm not as rushed for time). Nothing in Pasadena appeals to me...but I would be open to something in downtown or in between.

Anything in particular come to mind? (Not interested in Drago Centro or Providence... Patina and Hatfield's are maybe's but I'd almost rather just stick to the original plan with those two.) Where am I forgetting about?!

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    1. re: Thor123

      Thanks for the idea... proximity is spot on, but WAY too loud and cramped...

        1. re: Wayno

          +1 Alma, but it's loud too nowadays...

          1. re: chrishei

            Alma is completely booked for Friday and Saturday dinners over a month out.

    2. I feel for you, I really do....I can't think of any downtown places that aren't overly loud and hip.... It's getting harder to celebrate with oldsters in tow these days....

      Just throwing these out there, but they may be totally off base..
      Cliff's Edge
      Musso & Franks

      Best of luck....

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      1. re: Dirtywextraolives

        Thanks for the other ideas... Cliff's Edge was on my radar as the alternate, so you are not off base in the least! I've never heard of Allumette... can you tell me more (off to do some searching).

        1. re: The Oracle

          I have not been so don't have any personal experience with it. Here's an LA weekly article/review:

          1. re: The Oracle

            Miles Thompson is hitting it out of the park at Allumette. He is a former sous at both Animal and Son of A Gun. The quality of the food is extraordinary. Not every dish hits the bullseye, but he's 26 and stretching. Parking is really funky as it's in a marginal area.

            We love, love the restaurant, but it's really different than Craft, so wouldn't suggest it as a replacement.

            Had dinner for first time in long time at Osteria Mozza. Requested table in the back dining room. Was very impressed on every level. Also Chi Spacca, Mozza's newish, meat speakeasy, could hit the mark.

            1. re: revets2

              Good to know, thanks for your feedback!

          1. re: ipsedixit

            in Arcadia? or n/naka in Palms?

              1. re: ipsedixit

                So confusing! Stop the world, I wanna get off!

          2. so...

            You have reservations at Craft, but you also have reservations about Craft?

            1. Since you like Craft, have you considered changing the reservation time from 7:30pm to 8 or 8:30pm?

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              1. re: cujo

                She says she doesn't want to push it any further back.... And she has older people with her.....

                1. re: cujo

                  I have, and I've already pushed it back as far as I can. I was considering an additional 30 minutes, but that time slot is no longer available.