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Aug 29, 2013 02:44 PM

guantemala, where is it? La Chapincita is a tienda guatemalteca

6904 New Utrecht Ave, Brooklyn.

Guatemala may be found in Central America, though it is also located in the back of a small Grocery store, just below the 70 to 71 stop, D train, Brooklyn.

You will find this restaurant after entering and proceeding to the back, passing shelves full of items for the kitchen that may or may not be familiar or known to you.

The food is prepared by women who know no English. But do not be shy.

One woman, perhaps the owner, a just a bit old from the others, speaks wonderful English, and provides the lingual bridge from you to the delicious food awaiting your purchase.

Some of the food is already prepared and behind the glass partition in trays. Others can be found on the menu.

The menu consists of much, and most dishes are $6.00.

For instance, Martes section has about 13 items from Guisado deRes to Pulique de Gallina, and all are 6.00.

Lunes is another category, as is Viernes, Jueves, and Miercoles.

Also Cenas (sabado and domingo) and Almuerzos (sabado and domingo).

smaller dishes are 1.50 to 2.00 and inlcude tostada and Pupusas and Epandad etc.

I had a full feeding with their several tostadas and the homemade green hot chilli.

so good.

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  1. This place is fantastic, wholeheartedly recommended by us! They have two other locations (Bath Beach and Jamaica, Queens).

    More info for anyone interested: