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Aug 29, 2013 01:35 PM

Sydney/Adelaide recommendations w/ a travel-food savvy toddler

Hi all,

We'll be going on holiday to Australia with our three year old a the end of October/early November, and I'm looking for some restaurant recs.

As per usual, lots of the recommendations available online for "kid-friendly" restaurants seem to be along the boring "kids eat burgers and pizza" line.

We're a family that appreciates good food, and my little one is an experienced international traveler, pretty well-behaved in restaurants, and loves ethnic food (even with some spice), as do his parents.

I'm not delusional enough to believe that he's ready for a five-star, white table cloth experience (definitely not!), but I was hoping for some recommendations for a range of hole-in-the-wall to sit down places that are can't miss food experiences where we won't be treated like pariahs because we're accompanied by a short human.

I'll be scanning through the board, but thought it couldn't hurt to be proactive and post. Doesn't have to be restricted to ethnic food, we're open to anything, just wanted to make it clear that he can handle any kind of cuisine. Thanks so much!!!

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  1. Basically, your best bets are anything East Asian, Italian or cafe style, all of which are designed to be family friendly in Australia.

    1. In Adelaide:

      Press* for meat
      Chianti Classico for Italian
      Ying Chow for great cheap Chinese


      1. If I'm not too late CDWtraveler, when in Adelaide head to the Central Markets/Chinatown. My favourite place to eat there is Dumpling King, very very casual, hole in the wall kind of place with amazing steamed pork dumplings, $8 for 15 (two serves will easily fill the 3 of you).

        Also head to Haighs when you are in Adelaide for delicious chocolates.

        If it's not too late, let me know as I have plenty of other places I can suggest.