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Looking for best fresh and variety of northwest seafood in Vancouver

OK I've been over this board and all I see people mentioning are Asian places and almost nothing else! Now I love Asian and I understand the connection for this city. However I'm looking for some places that serve good fresh local clams, oysters, salmon, halibut, Dungeness crab. So please help.

Here are my parameters. I'll be in town for two evenings end of Sept. Staying at the airport, plan to use the skytrain, and have some familiarity with the city having visited here many times in the past. Price, as long as quality is there, is not a significant consideration. I prefer relaxed informal places but also willing to hit the occasional white table cloth place. Not sure if it's still open, but to give you an idea of what I'm looking for I was a fan of the Cannery. Hope this helps and looking forward to your knowledgeable replies.

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    1. Most restaurants in Vancouver have local seafood on the menu, even if they aren't a "seafood restaurant".

      Some places I'd recommend based on what you're seeking:

      Forage: http://www.foragevancouver.com/
      The Flying Pig: http://theflyingpigvan.com/
      Yew: http://www.yewseafood.com/

      For something extremely casual, Fish Shack (owned by Glowbal) might be worth a consideration if you're looking for a seafood-only menu: http://www.glowbalgroup.com/fish-shack/

      Sadly, the Cannery was demolished in 2010.

      1. Joe Forte's

        Rodney's Oyster House

          1. Since you're staying at the airport, Jambalaya, try Steveston Village (SW corner of Richmond) and go to PaJo's:




            Or if sushi & Japanese is of interest, try:


            Sushi Hachi

            Ichiro Sushi

            Mega Sushi

            Takeya Sushi

            1. Whoa!! These all look fantastic, looks like the chowhounders have come through again. Thanks for all the suggestions, not sure which place I will try first.

              1. Oyster express is great, also if you are going into Vancouver Id hit up Merchants on commercial drive, nice and informal great seafood, Rodneys and Joe Fortes take themselves way to serious for what it sounds like you are wanting.

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                  Thanks for the tip. I'll have to hit Oyster Express next time out. Not sure I agree with your comment re Rodney's taking themselves too seriously. I elected to hit this place since it was an easy walk from the Yale town Roundhouse station of the Canada Line. For someone like me who was staying at the airport, getting there was a piece of cake. I thought Rodney's was a real laid back place and the guys behind the bar opening up the oysters were very knowledgeable. I was also surprised how much it reminded me of Durgin Park in Boston. Yet your comparison makes me even more curious about your rec, it sounds like it could be even more fun.

                2. hello Jambalaya - it would seem that you have been and perhaps gone now - i'm sorry to read of your experience in Victoria - perhaps you can tell us about your other experiences here on this thread - ps - i am interested in your comparison to the oyster bar in Grand Central - we really enjoy going there - one of our favs in NYC Manhattan - kind of odd (in a good way) to see our coastal oysters listed up there on the board ; )

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                    Not sure what experience you are referring to in Victoria. I did post on another thread about The Fish Store not giving me the entire crab. Perhaps that is what you were referring to. Other than that I enjoyed the places I hit in Victoria. Shine was fantastic for breakfast. I posted a separate review for them. I specially liked the friendly service there, it really made me feel at home. Red Fish Blue Fish was another fine place. I had the fried oyster tacos and a half order of seafood poutine. What an interesting take on that Montreal classic! I didn't like having to guard my food from the seagulls and crows, but hey, this is the dock you're eating at. The ladies at Shine Cafe recommended I go to Hook. They specialize in smoked salmon and I wound up getting quite a bit to take home. The salmon jerky, very nice, the salmon strips were a bit dry, but to be expected with pieces of that size, but fillets, or larger pieces were nice and moist. They have a wide selection of flavors. As I write this I'm sipping on some bulk tea I brought back from Teavana. An expensive place but if you want a cup of tea done to perfection and are looking for a wide variety I highly recommend the place. On a lark I stopped into Nautical Nellies on Wharf St. and thoroughly enjoyed that place. Had a seat at the bar and had a wonderful time chatting with the bartender as well as a few of the waitresses. I was there early in the evening. I had the seafood tasting tower which was very good. I specially liked the smoked oysters that reminded me of a pate. Since I didn't like the sound of the BBQ oysters on that dish (I prefer the New Orleans style) they gladly substituted 3 more raw oysters. Actually gave me an extra one for a total of 7. I would recommend this place to any seafood lover. Lastly back in Vancouver I hit The Flying Pig in Yale Town. They were very busy on a Wed but sitting at the bar I had very good service and really enjoyed the salmon sampler as well as the halibut entree, which was done to perfection. My only problem there was they told me all the specials were for 2 people. On subsequent communication with them via e-mail after my return I was assured they would have gladly done something for an individual diner and admitted I should not have been given the impression they would not. So, I would return there as well.

                    Not sure about the protocol of reviewing a NYC restaurant on this board, but since you asked, the oyster bar at Grand Central is definitely the place to go for oysters. Not as friendly as Rodney's, the service is hurried, but an impressive selection of oysters and as I mentioned they do up chowder just like at Rodneys. They won't chat with you there, after all this IS NYC, but you can always chat with your fellow diners. I sat at the oyster bar and got good service during lunch hour so not sure what you can expect if you grab a table or a seat at the counter.

                    Lastly, I have to say where ever I ate on this trip, be it Vancouver or Victoria I encountered nothing but very friendly and helpful service. Glad to see that in two of my fave cities.