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Aug 29, 2013 11:55 AM

Lunch around Saatchi Gallery? [London]

Any suggestions for a good casual (I will be solo that day) lunch in the area of Saatchi Gallery or V&A museum? Love Indian, Asian or good soup and salad kind of place.

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  1. The bistro in Peter Jones is nice for a light lunch, and the Botanist on Sloane Square good for heartier fare.

    1. The people behind Wolseley and Delauney own Colbert in Sloane Square which is great for lunch, very casual, and superb for eating in alone (they have newspapers) plus can be very reasonable.

      Also, Al-Dar across from Saatchi is very good Lebanese, though more of a shwarma joint than full restaurant.

      Not sure I'd eat at Peter Jones for the food, but it is a nice view if you get a window seat, though very much feels like being in a department store. That said, you're not altogether too far from Harvey Nichols which has a great 5th floor cafe which is very buzzy and a favorite in the area.

      1. Agreed the Colbert is decent and may be exactly what you are looking for.

        You may also want to consider Rasoi, which is a one Michelin starred Indian 'fusion' place (3m walk). Some of the things on the menu are very good but I have had a few bad choices. It does a good value (compared with the evening) lunch deal: 2 courses - £23; 3 courses - £28; 4 courses - £33.

        I have not been yet (I am going next month) but Tartufo (5m walk) is supposed to be worth a visit, it is the sister rest. of Gauthier in Soho. It also has a lunch deal: 3 courses + ½ Bottle of Wine + Coffee & Petit Fours - £35.

        Both of these are I am sure are 'casual' at lunch...

        1. Re peter Jones: Londonlinda specified the bistro, not the café upstairs. The bistro is on the 2nd floor and the food is very much better (thought there's no view). It's modern British and very pleasant for a soup and salad. The Saatchi Gallery also has an excellent café.

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            I have been to Peter Jones probably 50 times in the past few years and have never once noticed a bistro. Wacky.

            Saatchi Cafe is great if its a sunny day and you sit outside, especially.

          2. Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I ate at Harvey Nichols last year-maybe a Japanese place that had food on a conveyer belt. I was very hungry and the Miso soup was a good fortification for the rest if the day. All these places sound great-I will see what I feel like eating that day.

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              That's YO! sushi, a nasty sushi chain that somehow ended up in HN. The 5th Floor Cafe is the spot I was referring to.