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Aug 29, 2013 11:54 AM

Is Olaf's Open Yet? Anyone been?

Hey Ballardites, has this place opened yet? Anyone who's been there, whatcha think?

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  1. Hello, Me:

    As you know, you and I swung by Olaf's tonight in the hopes that both of us could have a couple of beers. What to our (yours and mine) eyes should appear, but seemingly ZERO progress on the buildout since the last time you and I stopped, three weeks ago, and were told by an owner (right into our respective ears) that opening would be that Friday.

    The Kaleos

    Hmmm, should we wonder if they're following the lead of Roux? Don't make me respond to myself again.

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    1. re: kaleokahu

      Maybe they're using the same calendar as the smoked meat place on Phinney Ridge that still has the "Opening Spring 2013" in the window.

      1. re: Jeri L

        Maybe. I wouldn't care as much but for the fact that Olaf's is supposed to be an homage to The Viking, whose empty shell mocks from across 24th Avenue. It's like a head on a pike...

        1. re: Jeri L

          Or the Bill the Butcher in Edmonds, that was 'about to open' from early 2012 until May of this year!

          1. re: Jeri L

            That's just about my neighborhood and by golly that place is driving me crazy. Open already!

            1. re: fracklefoodie

              Just returned. Packed and rocking. It's not your father's Viking. Menu is simple and dishes looked fabulous. Cool thing is, it's not overbuilt. The motto is: "It's the bar."

              The Pussy Room lives.


              1. re: kaleokahu

                Drove past it tonight at about 7:00 PM and it was overflowing out the door. Looked like people were having fun. Look forward to having a walkable option (3 blocks).

          2. re: kaleokahu

            Very funny Kaleo, thanks for the smile;)

            1. re: allisonw

              Hi, Allison:

              Was that an invitation? I promise I'll wear my Viking hat...


            2. Well, Wahine and I sampled Olaf's for a early dinner tonight. We were impressed.

              Olaf's offers two burgers, a "Juicy Lucy" ($7, cheddar schmushed between two patties, sriracha mayo, red onion, lettuce and tomato on a toasted Macrina ciabatta), and an "Olaf" ($9, single 1/2 pound patty, aged white cheddar, sriracha mayo, red onion, arugula and tomato on the same ciabatta). We got one of each, and our server asked our doneness preference.

              What arrived were seemingly downsized plates, but both burgers were done perfectly to order, thick and juicy-crunchy. They both came with tots, a small number, but 'way better than average tots. With 2 pbr tallboys, $28.

              The only offputting thing is that most of their tap handles go $6-7/pint, and the beers aren't esoteric (hence our pbr choice)