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Aug 29, 2013 11:19 AM

NPR's Dumpling Week

One wonders how National Public Radio chose to focus on dumplings in a week that includes the anniversaries of both the civil rights march on Washington D.C. and Hurricane Katrina, but hey, everybody loves dumplings. I did my part by calling in to the local affiliate's dumpling discussion to lobby for the creation of an International House of Dumplings chain but I don't think the hosts quite got it. One said that a restaurant in Chicago serves bao with all sorts of fillings, Asian and non,
but I mean a small plates/tapas arrangement where you can get pierogies,
samosas, momos, pupusas, kreplach, etc. all under one roof.

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  1. Add chicken & dumplings and I'm in.

    1. I appreciated the dumpling programming. I was interested in CRM anniversary but after a few hours, the dumplings were a nice change. The Iraqi dumplings sounded fun to make.

      1. i love dumplings - didn't know they were having a "week"

        I'd go to IHOD in a heartbeat.

        1. I love your idea for an IHOD!

          1. Sounds good to me. That series got me going on making some dumplings last week. I had thought I might make some perogis but the weather was so hot (90s) that I did not want to make something heavy to eat so it was Asian dumplings.