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Aug 29, 2013 10:43 AM

Linea Caffe in San Francisco

The crowd-funded venture with food by Anthony Mynt and coffee by Andrew Barnett is getting closer to opening...

Linea Caffe
3417 18th St
San Francisco, CA
(next to Duc Loi)
Daily 7:30am to 2:30pm

Lt. Waffle

Green Salads

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  1. Was in the neighborhood yesterday, walked over to take a look, and caught a whiff of something deliciously meaty in the baskets Anthony Myint was carrying. Many workmen still taking care of final details.

    Reports are that Linea opens today. Kind of interesting to see the published photos of Saturday's cleaned-up and looking ready for business space vs. the work-in-progress sprawl on Tuesday afternoon.

    This quote resonated with me,

    "In a word, Barnett is out to show that world class coffee doesn't need a showroom, or all the glossy pomp. His favorite food comes from holes in the wall, and, despite his kingly status as a coffee nerd, he believes humility and kindness behind the counter are enormously impactful. He compares buying coffee to buying bread at Tartine:

    'I go in, and someone is nice to me. No one is telling me about the bread's sugar content, how many times it was kneaded, the elevation the wheat was grown. I just get nice service and a stupendous product. We want to create something like that, friendly and efficient. We want to be approachable.' "

    1. Friendly, efficient, approachable... I'd say they're hitting their mark. Tiny space, so getting your coffee 'for here' leads to some awkward ballet - getting some outside seating will make a huge difference - but I didn't want my first taste of their coffee to be from a paper cup. Added bonus of getting to chat with Barnett who's keen to get feedback on his brews. In any case, my latte was really sumptuous. Delicious. And the waffles looked and smelled pretty fabulous too.

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          Good question. They seemed quite eager to serve, so I imagine they'd be open to it.

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          Hurrah! A first-palate report, thank you. I'm out of town and won't be able to try it until next week. I loved Barnett's Ecco Caffe brews, and am so happy to see him back at it. (And I'm not one who drinks coffee every day, more like a couple times a month.)

          The space is only 300 square ft. The photo above shows the full width of the storefront, and the one below the two-window wide depth. Yep, it's small.

          Edited to add: Second attempt to upload the photo in a new reply has failed.

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            I tried a plain waffle with a few friends yesterday. It was slightly sour, which makes it an excellent base for toppings, but made it less appealing alone. Next time I'd opt for one of their appealing sounding toppings, but wanted to try it alone first.

            A fellow customer raved about the potato, corned beef and sauerkraut version and had I not just tried the Friday fried chicken sandwich at Maverick, I would have ordered it. It looked great.

            The kale salad looked great and was very large.

          2. Websites say hrs are Daily 8am-3pm

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              Thanks, all three websites in my original post have been updated since then to show the menus and changed opening hours. The buckwheat waffle with salmon roe sounds so good. And I'm curious about what "Japanese ranch dressing" on the chopped salad could be.

            2. Went there today. I had what I thought was the best cappuccino I have ever had in a commercial environment. For those who are not s fan of the ultra light roasts so prevalent today you will be happy to know the beans are roasted to a nice northern Italian level.

              I bought some beans, but since they were roasted yesterday, I will have to wait a few days before I try them.

              1. Tried out Linea Caffe Sun 9/22/13 for my 2nd breakfast, I had a bowl of oatmeal at home. Took Bart to 16th St & walk a few blocks on Mission to 18th St, it's behind the Vietnamese grocery store Duc Loi in a tiny space.

                They have sweet or savory waffles. I got the yeasted waffle topped w/ greek yogurt & fresh fruit which was strawberries $7 - it was made to order so takes a few minutes, I liked the waffle, but I wanted a more crispy waffle it was pretty soft, small portion. Tiny amount of yogurt & some strawberries. I did pour their homemade syrup on the waffle.

                Buckwheat waffle w/ salmon roe "coming soon" because they didn't get the salmon roe - expected tomorrow so maybe this coming week.

                Sign also had a "coming soon" for the pasta salad.

                Caffe latte small $4.5 - nice latte art, I liked the coffee fine. Added some of the coconut palm sugar into my cup.

                No seating inside or outside, think they still need to get permits lady mentioned to someone else. Credit cards taken. Didn't see any public bathroom.