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Persian food market in Great Neck, Long Island

  • Monica Aug 29, 2013 10:35 AM
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There is a large Persian food market I went last time in Great neck. It's a great market with the most amazing flat bread which they make fresh in the store(I can literally eat this thing for rest of my life). They also have large selection of fruits and vege and good takeout food which I loved(though their baklava was pretty old and stale). I can't remember the name of the place..it was next to a laundrymat and there was a parking lot across the street. Ayone know this store?

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  1. I looked via Google maps, and it seems like you're talking about A to Z Market (703 Middle Neck Rd, Great Neck). It's next door to a cleaners and across from a small parking lot.


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    1. re: Scott_R

      No, that's not the place..i don't think it's on middle neck rd.

      thanks anyway.

      1. re: Monica

        It's Shop Delight at 4 Welwyn Road and the bread is called sangak, I believe. It's fantastic!

        1. re: emarcus

          yes, that's the place! Thank you!
          I wanted to find out to see if they are open during the holidays though probably not.

          That bread, sangak?, is truly amazing...i love the sandwiches they make with the bread. so so good.
          Their roast chicken ain't bad either. They also have very interesting Persian side dishes.

    2. Thanks for this lead! Been looking for barberries (yup, I bought "Jerusalem" too), and there's a good chance this place will carry them!

      1. you are looking for shop delight at 4 welwyn rd

        1. Just noticed someone else posted a reply. there is a market called everfresh at 533 middle neck rd. also Persian and kosher

          1. Shop delight