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Aug 29, 2013 10:15 AM

upscale Asian downtown

We are entertaining a German professor and his wife who are staying in the downtown area. They have requested Asian food (and probably don't have great options back home), but we don't want to take them to the noisy, simple little places we might normally choose -- where is there still good, authentic food (Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, fusion, etc) in a more upscale, quiet atmosphere conducive to a relaxed evening? Wondering about JaBistro, Lee, Bent.... other? (don't want the raucous Izakaya atmosphere, sushi is OK but prefer somewhere that has cooked options also)

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  1. for chinese i like Crown Princess on Bay St (just south of Bloor)

    1. A while back, I took the owner/winemaker of German Rhinehessen Estate - Gunderloch for Chinese at Crown Princess. He loved it!! Good food and nice ambiance. Not too noisy