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Pomona Pectin DTW Where Can I Find?

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I'm going to be doing some serious "jamming" soon to deal with my huge crop of Concord grapes and I've been reading about Pomona pectin. You can use much less sugar and even sugar alternatives with this stuff. I know I can buy this mail order, but I'm wondering if I can find this locally. I'm in the Ann Arbor/Ypsi area. Not sure where to start looking. Anyone spotted this stuff?

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  1. Lots of places to get Pomona's in Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti -- food co-ops in both places carry it, plus many other stores. Pomona's has a store locator on their website now.

    1. Pomona pectin is full of chemicals - I don't recommend it. Plus, you don't need to add it to Concord grapes to make jam - they have enough pectin in them. But you should make your own pectin from scratch....it's easy:


      Natural pectin has lower sugar needed than the boxed stuff.

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          +1 - momskitchen's apple pectin method works very well