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Aug 29, 2013 08:46 AM

The Induction Debate...

Hello all,

I've had a basic electric stove top that cost about 200€ MAX in my apartment, and thinking of finally updating. Induction has come up on my list of options. I have specifically found an AEG product that is being sold at my local store for 999€. I will post a link to the product for reference. So here is there real question: I am 21 and have some money in my savings, but is the investment truly worth it? How many years can I expect to keep such a product? 5 years, 10 years, 20+? I have Le Creuset pans and Zwilling which are both compatible, so pans are not an issue. All in all, I really wanna know if the money is worth what I am buying. They have cheaper models from different companies in the 500-600€ range but they look cheap, and that worries me. I hope someone can help me make a conscious decision here because sometimes I jump in the water without thinking and make mistakes with purchases. Thanks in advance!
(Sorry it's only available in German)

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  1. Here are some more photos since it wouldn't allow to post more than one.

    1. Induction is not as common in the USA as Europe. And with different brands, and possibly different service possibilities, American posters probably can't give you a good answer about it's durability. Induction is basically an electronic product, like your TV and computer.

      1. Hi, cwochnik:

        It's a difficult question, since induction appliances haven't been in large-scale production all that long.

        If you use the search function, I believe someone here posted a link to a study that supposedly says induction appliances have shown longevity comparable to gas stoves. Given those appliances' heavy reliance on electronics, though, I'm not so sure.


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          As an induction user for the better part of two years now, I'd agree that it's a difficult question to answer. Delighted as I am with mine, I'm hoping it will be around for a while, but that didn't stop me from purchasing a quite reasonably priced extended warranty on it.

          As for studies, this one, which does an amusingly over-the-top scientific analysis (it's a PDF that for some reason I can't link directly to, but if you google this string it should be the first thing that comes up:‎) recommends induction over gas for both societal and environmental reasons, but it sidesteps the question of longevity, stating, "An important note is that no academic research could be found that indicates which technology has a longer operational life expectancy." [That was done about two years ago.] It was prepared by an applied science instructor at the Univ of British Columbia to aid in deciding what type of stove to buy for the new student union.

          Then there's a study from the National Assn of Home Builders, summarized here (, which says that you can typically expect an induction unit to last 10 years vs 15 years for gas. Unfortunately, the URL from that summary page that purports to link to the full study just redirects to the NAHB home page, so we can't see what methodology led to these conclusions.

          Bottom line it seems the question is still TBD.

          1. re: BobB

            I was having a similar discussion with one of our daughters regarding hybrid and plug-in cars. Just not enough data yet to know how long the batteries are going to last and what they will cost in the future.

        2. Well I have used induction over a year now and have used every other type of stove/range out there. I can say that I do like induction very very much. I would prefer to have gas but, I cant get it at the house. But then I think about the heat that gas puts off when you are using it and think induction is far better in that aspect. Induction does make noise (fans spinning). How much, I guess depends on the model you buy. I have a Electrolux Any questions you may have I will try my best to answer.I think they are well worth it. I have told my wife that when we move I will be taking it with me. lol. I think it is well worth the investment., How long it will actually last remains to be seen.

          1. i don't have experience w/ induction - not very popular out here - said from the pacific ocean (western North Am) side of the earth - i notice that appliances in the mid-range market - do not last as long as they used to a couple of decades ago -

            1. recently i have had to repair the touchpad on a hi-end kitchen aid electric stove (it was about 3 yrs old and lightly used)

            2. and some sort of drain valve in a Whirlpool (decent mid-range brand in North Am) dishwasher - less than 2 yrs old and the repair cost about half of the original purchase price (in my dark side mind - I think it's planned by the factory - interesting that the warranty ran out a few months ago and now it needs repair)

            3. I notice my friend's LG fridge - the seal is all wonky and falling apart - it's new too.

            whereas - in the days when we walked to and from school both ways uphill (it's a N Am joke about our age and "you know when you're getting old when ...) - fridges lasted, so did KitchenAid (it was considered a decent purchase) - so did Whirlpool

            i am of the age and mind that if it ain't broke, why spend our disposable income on these things. That said - that's your business isn't it.

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            1. re: Georgia Strait

              my appliance repair man told me not to buy LG or samsung - at least their refrigerators... he's fixing them when they are 2-3 years old. had another friend who got one a few years ago and it broke within 6 months so badly that the dealer had to give them a whole new unit. they have a samsung now- trouble free (fingers crossed). i've still got my 12 yr. old amana: gonna keep fixing it.

              1. re: rmarisco

                And MY appliance repair person LOVED Samsung. As someone said here recently "anecdotes don't equal facts" :)