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Aug 29, 2013 08:43 AM

Dog friendly Edinburgh?

OK, I know there are countless Edinburgh threads, and I've been there umpteen times myself and wouldn't normally ask as would head straight for the usual suspects, however...

I'm passing through on the way to the Highlands on a Sunday and Monday in November, but will have the dog with me this time. I've ascertained Scan & Scallie, Maison Bleue and Bon Vivant are all pet-freindly, but are there any other gastro pub or restaurant doggy sympathisers of note to consider? I know a few Edinburgh residents post here regularly and am wanting to be sure I've left no stone unturned.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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  1. This is the website to use for Edinburgh and beyond. Edinburgh's got very dog friendly recently, it seems to be the unwritten law that if you want to open a place that does a good beer selection you must also be dog friendly, I suspect because some of the owners are dog owners themselves.
    Stockbridge is very dog friendly (I know its off topic but Just Dogs is a marvellous dog shop), Stockbridge Tap doesn't do food I believe on a Sunday and Monday but is a dog haven with great beer so if you're in the area pop in for a drink. Holyrood 9A is convenient as its by Arthurs seat for a dog walk and a great tourist thing to do before hand. Water and treats for your dog usually provided. Vintage does great food - though always busy in the evening so unless your dog is wee or doesn't move might not be the best - try lunch or very early evening? Hanging Bat is a nice place to chill of an afternoon (very busy in the evening). Also I don't know your route to the Highlands but if you happen to be passing Aberfeldy, Habitat Cafe were lovely to my dogs. Also on possible route north the last time I was in the Old Library Tearoom at Balquhidder (part of the MHOR empire), there was a dog sleeping in the corner. Lastly in Edinburgh, a great cafe is Brewlab, very dog friendly.