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Aug 29, 2013 08:40 AM

Lunch Today - someplace I've never been? Dick and Jenny's , Cochon, Clancy's, lil Dizzy's are under consideration.

Been to a lot of NO joints but these have slipped through. Any comments/ thoughts would be appreciated.
As some signposts I can say I love, love Mandinas, Brightsens, coquette, and the pheasant gumbo at Jazz fest. Had a good meal last night at Mariza (after finding Maurepas closed - probably returning tonight) Thanks

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    1. This might be unfair, but I'd give Dick & Jenny's a miss for this trip. They're under new ownership and seem to be adjusting the concept.

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      1. re: uptownlibrarian

        I am always leery of "the concept"(a term that has soared in use lately and, to me, often seems to try to cover confusion but I have to say that I welcome the carpaccio if they do it well and osso bucco always ranks high with me. Can't say what it is like but I am going to run over there soon,. Personally, I think Creole/Italian was always around.

        1. re: hazelhurst

          It didn't strike me as Creole Italian. It struck me as Italian Italian while keeping some of the crowd favorites. I've never been served pappardelle with pulled duck confit at a Creole Italian place.

          1. re: uptownlibrarian

            Well, we make allowances for restauteurs who cannot cll something by an old name but need to zap it up. Or "pappardelle" and confit" were not around at Italian Creole places on Louisiana avenue when I was a boy. We now see anything that stands out..creole scallops with ecrivesse Marie Laveau. And "sliders" was a hilarious fad. 'duck sliders." A slider is a White Castle Burger, square with little holes in it. Sure, you could make it out of suck..or salami..and you can overcharge for a tiny bite of anything. Not saying it wasn't good..just a gimmick. But I'll try whatever gimmick(or not) they are running over there.

      2. Returning Maurepas that is, not Mariza - which was good but not that good that I'd be back tonight.

        1. I was forwarned about Dick and Jenny's also during my last visit. I hope that they can get it together because I really enjoyed it.
          I loved Peche. The food and service were perfect. Everything went so smoothly I could not believe they had only been open a few months. Have you been to Bayona? Another very well run place and the food is wonderful IMHO.

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          1. re: Lindsey52

            Yes, been to Bayona quite a bit. Wonderful.
            I think it will be Clancy's today. Peche tomorrow. Then on to Baton Rouge for the weekend. Still got 24 hrs in NO so keep any suggestions coming!

            1. re: Ciao Bob

              You an't go wrong with Calncy's in my view..and it is a great place to hide when something Big Is Going On. I like to eat at the bar or the little room to the right.

              Baton Rouge's football team with a library attached is doing something this weekend...somewhere else. But I am sure wherever you go in that town you will be treated to the refined and dulcet behavior of the enthusiasts. Note that city's remarkable televisions: they are (evidently) capable of transmitting the whoops and hollers of the restaurant/bar all the way to the game site, wherever it is in the world.

              1. re: hazelhurst

                As someone who will be whooping from New Jersey I loved that post HH

                1. re: hazelhurst

                  Yes Clancy's was excellent! I had the Angel Hair w Crabmeat, and tomato/capers.

                  Any Baton Rouge food ideas will be appreciated - preferably places where Purple and Gold attire not required.

                  1. re: Ciao Bob

                    Re: "Purple & Gold attire not required", good damn luck. There is a palce called Le Creole out on Perkins/OldHammond that is not bad (good turtle soup) but his overall meshings, although widely rpaised, are not my style. Ryan Adre was the cook out there and he's got ability. Mansur's is a better high end place but it will be a howling maw of "enthusasts) in the 27-television-set bar. The noise eeks out into the rest of the place. Stroube's downtown might be OK--there is at least one TV.And maybe Little Village, also on Third St. Apart from that, though...not even the Baton Rouge Country Club is safe anymore.