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Aug 29, 2013 08:01 AM

Rosh Hashanah Dessert Ideas

Help! I'm so tired of the same old, same old. None of us like any version of traditional honey cake or sponge cake and, although we do like Jewish Apple Cake, I've just had enough of making it.

So here are my parameters. I'm a pretty confident baker so I'm not likely to be intimidated by most recipes. The recipe should be parve, or easily convertible to parve. I only have to serve 3 the first night, but 6 the second night. I always make way too much food, so the dessert will go a long way.

Does anyone have any new and interesting ideas?

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  1. My family often makes things with prune plums, which are always in season around RH. My mother leans towards the classic Marion Burros plum torte; I prefer a gingery plum crumble from the NYTimes circa 2006.

    It's early enough in the year this year that peaches and other summer fruits are still in season, at least in the NYC area, so I might consider going in that direction, as well.

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      Plum pie is also nice and the unexpected filling makes it a bit different.

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        Well now that its over, my hubby just made a deeelicious dessert with leftovers. We cooked some leftover apples with cinnamon, sugar and butter, then he heated up slices of leftover zucchini bread(loaf cake) we had it instead of honey cake.. Topped the warm cake with ice cream, hot apples vanilla ice cream and drizzled honey over it. Was a great sundae, and the cake got soft and warm like Indian pudding. Yummie!

    2. figs are in season-
      poached with honey and wine

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      1. What about apple dumplings?

        I'm planning to make a blueberry and apple crisp

        1. I like the simply plum cake from Smitten Kitchen made with a combination of peaches and plums and flavored with cardamom. It is easily doubled.

          1. From a website was featured in my paper's food section this week, this dessert caught my eye. I love citrus flavors in desserts:


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              Thanks. That recipe looks very nice. I wonder how it would be if I sub out the Earl Grey with jasmine tea? I never did like the flavor of bergamot.

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                So I made the Orange Tea Cake. I used jasmine tea instead of Earl Grey. I didn't think the tea flavor was particularly noticeable, but the cake went over very, very well. I wasn't quite as blown away as everyone else was, but the family really enjoyed it.

                Thanks for the lead, tcamp.

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                u could use orange flower water-

                jasmine tea would be nice