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Aug 29, 2013 07:52 AM

BBQ but with good atmosphere?

Having a lunch with all ages and wondering if there's a place for 10-12 people to have BBQ in a nice atmosphere. Normally I could care less about atmosphere but the mother in law will be with us! Any good suggestions? We're open to anywhere in Chicago, ideally with decent parking. Thanks

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  1. Chicago Q has the nicest atmosphere, it's actually too fancy for a BBQ place. But the 'cue is great. Leanne Whippen has won a bunch of pitmaster awards.

    Lillie's Q is my favorite and has a nice atmosphere. I can drink the Carolina Gold sauce.

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    1. re: jbontario

      Thanks. What's the primary difference between the two? And what about parking options?

      1. re: tennisboy

        Hmmm, good question.

        I like the sauces at Lillie's more but there are no reservations. I've had the tri-tip slices a couple times and not sure i am sold over good 'ole brisket. Street parking all around -- it's in Bucktown.

        Chicago Q has valet and the competition st. louis ribs are some damn good BBQ. That and they do have wagu brisket which is pretty pretty pretty good.

        1. re: tennisboy

          Considering the size of your party and depending on the day(weekend vs weekday), Chicago Q may be your better option as it is bigger. Most especially if you are planning to do it on a weekend. They have private function rooms on the 2nd floor. Parkingwise, Lillie's Q would've gotten my vote as you can easily get street parking during lunch hours.

      2. frontier on milwaukee is doing some interesting meats and bbq - and the atmosphere is pretty nice! its a casual but cool restaurant. i like it. the meats good, too.
        check it out!!

        they have a great outdoor space. they also take reservations.