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Aug 29, 2013 07:37 AM

Help me remedy my sand finish aluminum omelet pan

I have been using this omelet pan for the past few months now and it hasn't stuck until now. I re seasoned by putting oil in it and heating it until just before the smoke point and letting it sit overnight. Poured out the oil and rubbed salt into it on low heat. But somehow it isn't regaining its nonstick capabilities. My omelets are sticking in the middle making them impossible to roll. And I've been cooking them the same way i've always been cooking them which is over high heat with a knob of butter, shaking vigorously and mixing with the back of the tines of the fork. I had to resort to my nonstick pan as a result.

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  1. Hi, VD:

    Have you scoured it back to bare aluminum before reseasoning? Also, are you using salted butter?


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    1. re: kaleokahu

      I admit that I haven't scoured it down to aluminum as I didn't think it would be necessary. I will try it if it will help. Okay...probably my problem but I should have mentioned this. Rather than use only a small 1/8" layer of oil, I filled it almost to the top and heated it 10 degrees below the smoke point while using my Thermapen. Probably overkill but I didn't think it would hurt. I was hoping this would better season the sides. And i've been using unsalted butter.

      1. re: VongolaDecimo

        Hi, VD:

        I'm not sure using a lot of oil hurt, but it's not needed.

        The reason I asked about salted butter is because Chef Stanish wrote in his omelet book to always use *salted* butter. I still would like to know his reasoning, but that's what he strongly believed.

        As easy as it is to scour it down and reseason from scratch, that's what I'd do.

        Good Luck,