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Aug 29, 2013 06:24 AM

Mid priced tasting menu?

So I am coming to Montreal this fall for a 3 day trip and am hoping to have some truly interesting food. I have a reservation for APEC, we are planning a brunch at Lawrence and will have to fit in poutine(maybe the foie one at Cochon) smoked meat and bagels along the way!
I would love to plan for one degustation or tasting menu, or some place that offers 4 or 5 course meals. Most of the places I have found to be highly adored are a bit more $$ than I am hoping to spend (Toque etc). Are there any restaurants that do coursed menus in the $50-$70 range? Also, I will be treating my boyfriend and he tends to be a big eater, loves smaller portions and coursed meals but I'd love him to be full at the end of the meal.
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Mezcla, 400 Coups and Park come to mind in your price range although the portions are just normal as opposed to large.

    1. Not a tasting menu(which arent really a big thing in Montreal) but consider Pintxo; it is a great place to bring your boyfriend, in the price range, and you can have a few small plates.

      1. Damas - amazing Syrian tasting menu at $55.

        I promise you, he will be full. :-)

        1. I've heard good things about the $60 tasting menu at Au cinquième péché. I really like the place, but I've never had the tasting menu myself. I wonder if anyone could chime in on this.

          1. I had the tasting menu at Laloux about a year ago, and I was thoroughly impressed. Would definitely recommend it - except that I don't remember how much it cost, and could not find this info on their website. Still, it's worth looking into it; hopefully it will fit your budget.

            Also - but this was even longer ago - I had the tasting menu at Raza, which was simply fantastic, one of the best meals I had in Montreal. I have no idea if it's still as good; it would be good to find more recent feedback. (The natural comparison here, I suppose, is with Mezcla. Mezcla, to be sure, is cheaper. But, despite all the love it's been getting, I found their tasting menu to be a joke: one of the dishes we received was simply a shrimp "breaded" in pasta, and then deep-fried. It was disgusting. In fairness, though, the ceviche was excellent - but, really, that was it.)