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Aug 28, 2013 11:53 PM

Anything good to eat at Market St. Lynnfield?

With so many restaurants opening in one place, are any of them worth checking out, or all just overpriced overblown chains? The menu looks kind of good for the Yardstick or whatever its called...Is Wagamama overpriced fast food?

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  1. Just be aware that a lot of places have yet to open. Check the website...

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    1. re: Karl S

      It is the same developer as Legacy Place in Dedham, so expect chains.

    2. To be fair, I don't put the chains in the Lynnfield Market St are of a different caliber than places at say, a typical mall. There's a Davios, which is a chain but a nice one. Besito will be open soon. Both get fairly good reviews on Yelp. There other chains which I haven't tried before. So, yes, if you are dead set against chains then Market St won't be for you but I'm glad to have the additional food options near me.

      As of the moment, only Davio's, Starbucks, and Whole Foods (which has a food bar, fresh pizza/sandwiches/burritos made to order, etc) is open. I think the others are opening in the next months with the exception of Fugakyu which is next year.

      1. Wagamama is quite good. I've gone there with friends and for a business lunch and they are great for both of those things. Accommodating for particular diners too.

        They are a UK-based chain and Boston was their first foray into the US market. Everything I've tried there was excellent. The Boston Globe reprinted their Yaki Soba recipe when they opened here and I enjoy making that.

        OTTO Pizza of Portland, Maine will be going into MarketStreet soon.

        1. Otto is excellent...I'll be going there for that...been waiting for an Otto with parking and hopefully enough seating for everyone.

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            revisiting this thread since its been a while and maybe more opinions have formed... We have really enjoyed Yardhouse at Happy Hour for half price apps a couple times. Much better than average chain food. Lots of variety of flavors. Loved the chicken garlic noodles that we got with veggie alternative Gardein chicken with smoked tofu, spinach, asparagus and we asked for pine nuts rather than edamame. They accommodate any requests gladly. 4 cheese pizza was really good too. they felt that they didn't slice the first one neatly enough so brought us a second one! The California roll was a very nice presentation and flavors but rice was too hard, fried gardein chicken with hand cut fries was good, veggie burger sliders were just okay and spinach dip was tasty..Looking forward to JP Licks. Pinkberry was okay but I only liked the sweet flavors, not the over tart ones but yogurt lovers will like it. Toppings were so-so. Boloco looks convenient but its too spicy for me. Someone would have to convince me that Davios and Legal C Bar are worth the high prices, cuz I have my doubts. and ItsSugar is fun to look around at for nostalgic and funky candy.. It is nice to have a local place to browse and graze around at...

          2. I have been to the Yardhouse a few times, once when they had a private invite only opening. Two other times with friends, once we all had burgers that we more than decent and we complained the fries were cold and were immediately given new fries and offered a complimentary dessert.

            The next time we just had their 1/2 prices apps and a drink. I believe they call their restaurant upscale, casual. I, personally, think it's pricey for what it is...very noisy, not the place to go if you want to have a conversation with someone without screaming across the table. But as far as food no real complaints.

            Will I be a regular there? No, but once in a while perhaps.

            Haven't been to Wagamama in Lynnfield, only Boston. I wasn't impressed. My husband liked it, maybe just not really my type of food. I didn't care too much for the seating aspect. I don't share tables well with strangers, again me.

            I have been in the candy store and they are very overpriced, but we need to remember the town the mall is in. We went to Starbucks there yesterday and all the little school girls were in there with their Uggs on and buying their coffee and lemonade. Not that I'm profiling or anything.

            I doubt I will spend too much time at this mall since I think the parking will become a nightmare closer to the holidays and once King's opens.

            JMO everyone.