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Aug 28, 2013 09:53 PM

What is the recipe for this Lombardy Pasta ?

We ate at this Michelin rated Trattoria called Il Volto in Iseo in Lombardy last year. My wife was vegetarian at that time and the chef made something for her that was not on the menu. I tried it and felt that was the best pasta i had in my entire trip to Italy. I think about it from time to time.

Now i am not asking you to believe its the best pasta in Italy. I am just asking if anyone can look at the picture and sort of guess what the ingredients and the recipe would be ? I would like to give this a try at home. Since it was not from the menu i am unable to look it up. I took notes from time to time but as fate would have it, i dont have this in my notes ! UGH

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  1. It appears to me zucchini stewed with tomato ,either fresh or otherwise .The herbs are to my guessing although I believe I see black pepper.Zucchini with pasta is a dish I eat often that's to say weekly but with different ingredients added .So if I have or remember frozen fava's or peas ,chard or spinach, artichokes, white or kidney beans . I always use both onion and some garlic.Herbs that I use ...fresh basil with maybe dried or fresh rosemary or thyme a pinch say of oregano ...I like Romano and/ or toasted bread crumbs added as a topping.

    1. This month's Cookbook of the Month, Mediterranean Harvest, has a number of recipes that look vaguely like this. If your library has this book, you might just enjoy reading the pasta and pasta/bean section to get a feel for how such a dish might be composed. To me, this looks like a very home-kitchen-friendly pasta dish.

      My only guess is, there is more olive oil used than you expect. :-)