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Aug 28, 2013 07:30 PM

Survey: Do you care if your sushi chefs wear gloves?

I have been to more than a few sushi restaurants. Many of the sushi chefs do not wear gloves, while many do. I personally know that wearing the gloves is not a comfortable experience for them. However, the idea to wear the gloves is to prevent the chefs' hands directly touching the food.

How will you feel when you walk in a sushi restaurant to only find out the chef is not wearing gloves? What is your feeling about wearing gloves?

1) Favorable (I always prefer gloves because they are cleaner than hands).
2) Neutral (I don't care).
3) Unfavorable (his hands are cleaner than the raw food. Gloves can only hindering his skill to make better sushi).

Thanks for your vote.

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  1. 3--- gloves are no cleaner than bare hands that are kept washed... the wrinkels can harbor bacteria and actually give the wearer an artifical sense of cleanlieness due felling "oh I have gloves on" when actually the gloves should be changed as often as the hands should be washed.

    1. I'd prefer my sushi hand - and not glove - rolled. hands are washed, and I feel they have a better feel for, and control over, the food when the hands are ungloved.

      1. 3) I have yet to see someone wearing gloves making sushi. Sounds pretty weird to me.

        1. Never seen a sushi chef wearing gloves, never want to. Also, what gotw said.

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          1. re: JonParker

            Now, if they are wearing a full HASMAT suit (with oxygen attachment), then I might worry a bit.


            1. re: Bill Hunt

              I've only seen that when preparing fugu.


          2. Here is a short chip of sushi chefs with gloves on: