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Aug 28, 2013 06:39 PM

Master Chef 8/28

No one eliminated in the first episode, boooooooo!

And then Powla in the second episode, boooooooo!

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  1. you know they had to get a recipe..there is noooo way krissy could have pulled that off as close as she did

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    1. re: girloftheworld

      That broth is hard for the best chefs. So for Luca to make the best one, is a complete farce. And for all of them to have come pretty close, especially Krissi, just shows what a circus this show is. And yet I can't stop watching. ha

      1. re: girloftheworld

        If they had gone into the pantry one at a time, Krissy would have NEVER known what to put in hers. She basically copied - and admitted it - what all the others were grabbing. She cheated, however I do agree they all must have had some sort of help.

        1. re: girloftheworld

          When even the "Professional" version of MC (the UK one I've been obsessed with lately) gives the chefs written recipes, I just do not buy for a minute that these home chefs rely solely on their palates to recreate complex dishes. (Sorry for the run-on sentence.) Maybe the recipe isn't fully detailed, but they must be given some guidance. Wish the show would be up-front about that--it wouldn't take away from the achievement of recreating restaurant quality dishes, in my opinion. Just my 2 rupees.

          1. re: pine time

            I thought I read somewhere that they do practice runs and get training on the recipes one day a week.

        2. Yes! Let Krissi win it all! This season is a joke, let it end with a big laugh!

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          1. re: pley

            Oh God, please no. No. No. !! TWOP has taken to calling her Teflon, among other things.

            I vote Luca for the win.

            And I thought that Pawler was pretty restrained. For Pawler, that is.

            1. re: nikkihwood

              Bet there was some careful editing.

              Can't believe Luca and Krissi are in the final four. After all the close calls they have had, to end up this far is mind boggling.

              1. re: melpy

                The troll has benefitted from her own ignorance - she's not seen as a threat. And the show obviously worked hard to keep her. I'm not sure her Vietnamese soup tasted any good and her steak was overcooked and lopsided.

                1. re: Worldwide Diner

                  I was mostly upset that no one went home after James won the Mystery Box and he was told he was in the "final four". Not.

                  Jessie, Krissi and Natasha all were told they had some error in their soup. One of those three should have been sent packing but it's clear one is a judges' favorite (Jessie) and they're holding onto Natasha and Krissi as long as possible for the drama.

                  Plus, there was no drama to this episode anyway since anyone who knew the Paula episode spoiler knew all five would be there for that one.

                  Anyway it was my prediction that James would go this week. I figure next week at LAST should be Krissi's turn, then Natasha. It's going to be Luca & Jessie in the finale, IMHO.

                  1. re: sockii

                    Plus, there was no drama to this episode anyway since anyone who knew the Paula episode spoiler knew all five would be there for that one.
                    I was so hoping that spoiler was a fake-out, but it obviously wasn't.

              2. re: nikkihwood

                I thought Paula would pick Krissi and then they could sit and make racist jokes together. Natasha hit the nail on the head when she said Krissi was the bully in high school. And, sadly, she's still proud of it.

              3. re: pley

                People will be clambering to buy that cookbook. Her audience at her appearances will be cricket quiet. I'm guessing the network knows villains get good ratings but likeability sells after.

              4. That first hour was a waste of time. Natasha's hemlines seem to be rising with her heels every episode. And aside from Graham's son, did they really have to edit the kids to be that odd?

                It was a bit weird seeing Paula- she doesn't often make an appearance on FN Canada. She seemed a bit like a Muppet, but maybe that's just because I've heard about her more than seeing her.

                Interesting that Krissy seemed to be less obnoxious today- maybe there's a reason that the pics of her happily grilling with Bri were released? There still seems no doubt that she won't win, but considering that they tossed James and kept her, who knows.

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                1. re: aenea

                  I was waiting for Natasha to fall on those heels. She can't well well in them--why did she think it was a good idea to hobble during a time challenge? I agree, having the kids was awkward and meaningless. A 13 year old leering over an older woman and the father high fiving him for it? Really?

                  1. re: chowser

                    I agree on the uncomfortable interaction between the kid and Jessie. And the kids mimicking their dads wasn't as funny as the producers thought it was, at least for me. But I have precious little patience for "precocious" kids.

                  2. re: aenea

                    Thank you! Who cooks in shoes like the ones Natasha and Jesse were wearing? They're downright dangerous.

                    My mother used to say there are sittin' shoes and dancin' shoes. Those were not dancin' shoes - and certainly not cookin' shoes.

                    1. re: aenea

                      My fiancé kept asking why Paula is orange!

                      1. re: melpy

                        It's an evolutionary adaptation to warn you off.

                    2. I thought Paula looked good and wasn't way over the top like she can be. I know this was taped well before her problems, but she still looked so much healthier than she has in the past.
                      James got a raw deal, sadly. I'm picking Luca to win.

                      1. "Congratulations, James, for making it to the final four."

                        What a load of crock.

                        "It was too close to send anyone home."

                        No, Mr. Ramsey, you said Luca's was the best and that Natasha and Crissi's were the worst. So one of them should have gone home.

                        Completely unfair to both James and Luca.

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                        1. re: seamunky

                          Now I'm confused

                          Wasn't James sent home?

                          Aren't Luca, krissi, Natasha and jessie the final four?

                          1. re: C. Hamster

                            The quote was what Gordon said to James. The implication was that he wasn't eliminated, and that either Natasha or Krissi would be. But they weren't. And so James was actually (still) in the final five. And of course then he got sent home.