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Cantoro, Plymouth, DTW?

Facebook makes me think the Cantoro Italian Market is open at 5 and Haggerty. Can anyone confirm that? If so, what should we put on the shopping list for tomorrow?


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  1. Scheduled to open in October. Can't believe it has taken over 2 years for that place to open. It's going to be a beautiful store. It's north of 5 - so it's in Northville.

    1. will Cantoros ever open?

      just posted
      Cantoro Market to Seek Approval for Additional Parking

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          But, they didn't say which December 15th, so it could be on schedule for, say, December 15th, 2015. ;)

        2. Goneril, you are right, who knows what year!

          as of Nov 29, 2013...
          Mike Larranaga, the shop’s sommelier, or wine expert, said no official opening date has been set for the new location on Haggerty north of Five Mile in Northville Township. The restaurant/market is awaiting approvals from the state Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to open the kitchen, as well as the liquor control commission.

          He said they hope to be open by the second week of December, but nothing is official .


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              Anybody taking odds? I'll take long. ;)

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                A year with the digit two (2) in it!

            2. someone posted on Cantoro's facebook page:
              " sign on the door says opening the week of March 17"

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                  I'm betting it'll be a year with at least one occurrence of the digit two.

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                  My bet is it's on track for March 17, 2015. Maybe. ;)

                3. From Cantoro's facebook page:
                  Good Morning...Buongiorno,
                  Cantoro Italian Market and Trattoria will officially open on Wednesday March 19 at 8:00am. Looking forward to welcoming everyone into our new location. Thank you for your patience!

                  will it really happen?

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                    I'm trying to decide if I'm smarmy enough to bet against a date less than one week away. I've decided I'm not...but I sincerely *want* to be. ;)

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                      The parking lot has been pretty full the past three days. Looks like lots of activity going on inside.

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                        I heard on WWJ that it did - ONLY noticed and listened to the story because this CH board had me curious too.

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                          People have been posting on FB and on Yelp that it is indeed open. Some photos here--

                      2. I think it did open on the 19th, but it's definitely open now, sign on the building says: Cantoro's Italian Market & Trattoria

                        It's located in Northville Township but has a Plymouth mailing address.

                        The Trattoria is an upscale restaurant with a full printed menu (unlike an Italian trattoria), second courses ranging up to $32 for a filet mignon, first courses like chicken around $15, pasta dishes for less than $10, salads and soups and appetizers.The entry dining area has a nice looking long counter with seats with a white granite (?) top and maybe 20 tables. A second dining area further behind looked a little larger. I didn't dine there but will put it on the short list of things to do.

                        The market starts with a deli type area across from fresh vegetables and fruits and the bakery. The deli has Italian gelito, a wide variety of Italian dishes both hot and cold, similar to what you would find in a Whole Foods. The more traditional part of the deli has a slew of Dietz & Watson products, about the same amount of imported Italian meat & cheese products, some Kowalski, and a smattering of other brands.

                        If you decide to get something to eat from the deli, there is a huge upstairs area with tables that over looks the market. Very nice.

                        The market highlights a wide variety of imported Italian items in cans and jars, home made Cantoro fresh and frozen food, and even goes so far as to import fresh Italian mozzarella made from buffalo milk. There is a huge cheese selection that takes up two large areas. As one would expect, the bakery selection is also more than ample with lots of unique items in sweet goods, etc.

                        The wine section takes up a large part of the store (I'm not very knowledgeable about wine so I'll leave it to others to comment here). They also have a limited selection of liquor with brands like Goslings Black Seal Rum, Valentine Vodka, and Lazzaroni Sambuca.

                        Downstairs is a wine cellar that will host events, wine clubs, a cheese club and a dinner club, which was not open to the public when I was there.

                        A recent newspaper article said the reason for the long delay in opening was the changes made from employee suggestions which took time to implement; for example the wine cellar was not part of the original plan and was added after construction was well underway, excavation and all.

                        I bought a Cantoro home made meal - Italian bread, fresh marinara sauce, frozen veal ravioli & cheese ravioli for a nice Italian dinner at home, served 4, cost of $19. It was very good.

                        The overall obvious focus is on things you can't usually find in many other places, mostly Italian, and I'd say they succeeded grandly.

                        All in all quite a place and well worth trying out.

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                          We were on that side of town last week and checked it out. Love it! If I lived over there, it would be a once a week stop.

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                            Thanks for the interesting/detailed write up Ken H !

                          2. Made it to Cantoros on Saturday, it wasn't a bad drive at all.

                            The store is amazing, very impressive!
                            We wanted to eat in the restaurant, but it was closed between lunch & dinner, it was reservation only , they did not have a menu to look at either.

                            also the hours are different for the restaurant & store,
                            am not sure of the hours but they are open Sundays!
                            (we went for a bite at Neehee's on the way home)

                            It was a chaotic madhouse & many employees seem to be learning the ropes but they have wonderful stuff including a bulk oil & vinegar section, dried oregano on the stem, fresh pasta made onsite, bakery etc. There are seats upstairs so you could buy deli food & sit & eat.
                            They don't seem to make sandwiches to order, sandwiches are premade, they were out of many prepared foods by the time we got there ( maybe around 2 or 3 in the afternoon)

                            We'll go back when we have more time to investigate & try a meal.