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Aug 28, 2013 04:37 PM

In Montreal - seeking Chinese Lunchtime Buffet that have Siu Mai - Chinese Dumplings

MMMM - I love Siu Mai, Chinese Dumplings!! :)

Are there any buffet type of restaurants, in Montreal (Lasalle ok too) that have them on their lunchtime menu? Thanks!

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  1. Sui Mai is one of my faves as well, but alas, I never came across GOOD ones in a buffet.
    With that said, Chinatown's Buffet Resto Sport Mondial on laGauchetiere (previously called Jade 7 Day Buffet - why the ridiculous name change, I have no idear) has dumplings.
    So does the Buffet Palace Oriental in Lasalle on Senkus next to Toys are us.

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    1. re: porker

      For the price of a lunch buffet (around $12? + tax & tip) it makes a lot more sense to just go to a dim sum restaurant, where the same money will get you a nice filling lunch, usually of much higher quality.

      Unless you have a hankering to gorge on Chinese bbq -- as I recall (it's been about 5 years now) the buffet on de la Gauchetière was pretty good for that. Pretty much everything else sucked.

      1. re: Mr F

        I agree with Mr F. Dim sum would seem to be the better option.

        1. re: Mr F

          i dunno the char siu always felt subpar everytime I went to the Jade Buffet. The siu mai and har gow at the take out counter are decent and well priced though.

          The siu mai at Buffet (Palace) Oriental was acceptable, har gow was horrible.

          And these are the two only Chinese buffet I know that are worth going and both aren't very good. Oriental's better but much pricier than Jade. The other Chinese buffets I've been to were Ka lo hin and Kim Foo. Both were horrible and overpriced. It's crazy that backwater American towns have better Chinese buffets than Montreal...

        2. re: porker

          Thank you for your reply and suggestion.
          I think that the buffet you mentioned in Lasalle closed down :(
          I used to go there sometimes and have the sui mai ...... I have tried calling them and there is no answer.

          1. re: AMETHYSTENERGY

            Oriental Palace Buffet
            7165, boul. Newman (corner Senkus)
            Montreal, QC, H8N 2K3

            Alive and well doing brisk business, including Toronto tour busses.
            Perhaps you have the wong number, or maybe they just don't answer the phone?

            1. re: porker

              I appreciate your reply ..... but - I have been calling their phone number for several weeks, and right now again. Their phone line is disconnected: (514) 364-6688. They have had this tel. number for a long time, and I have used it in the past, so I doubt if I have the wrong tel. number. When you state that Oriental Palace Buffet is: "Alive and well doing brisk business, including Toronto tour busses" - can you please let us know how you know for sure that they ARE still in business, i.e. today? Thanks!

              1. re: AMETHYSTENERGY

                I apologize for my description...
                Your post seemed urgent so I did some snooping; Buffet Palace is also known as 9216-0134 Quebec Inc and has recently filed for bankruptcy.
                Their doors are under lock&key. No one is home, no one is answering the disconnected telephone line.
                I retract my previous statement.

                Oriental Palace Buffet is dead and not doing business with busses of any kind (from TO or otherwise).

                Perhaps a totally new place, maybe something like "East Asian Citadel Buffet", will open any day now....

                1. re: porker

                  Thanks for confirmation!
                  Re you wrote: "Perhaps a totally new place, maybe something like "East Asian Citadel Buffet", will open any day now...."
                  Can you let us know if this is a place in Montreal and where it located? Thanks!

                  1. re: AMETHYSTENERGY

                    Ahh, it was just (another) weak attempt at humour...
                    Restaurants many times will flip - go bankrupt one day and open under another (similar) name the next.
                    If Oriental Palace would be renamed, maybe a similar title would be
                    "East Asian" for "Oriental" and
                    "citadel" for "palace"....
                    OK, like I said, w-e-a-k...

                    1. re: AMETHYSTENERGY

                      There's no such place called East Asian Citadel in Montreal and I think he was just being ironic by implying that another generic chinese buffet will open there at Oriental's old location. It's too bad Palace Oriental is gone, the evening buffet there were decent.

                      1. re: Ghostquatre

                        Thank you for pointing this out to me!

                        Yes, I do hope that another chinese buffet replacement will open up there! I was so glad when I did go - I was able to get some sui mai. I hope that if another one does open up they will also have them on their menu!

            2. Get the dumpling choices at Ethan restaurant, served all day!

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              1. re: marblebag

                Thank you for your reply.
                Can you let us know where this Ethan restaurant is located?

                1. re: AMETHYSTENERGY

                  Right below Keung Kee (same owners), 72 de la Gauchetiere

                2. re: marblebag

                  Overall the food at Ethan restaurant is as good as Keung Kee upstairs? Never tried Ethan.

                  1. re: BLM

                    I've only been once, but found it merely ok. Not bad, but not great.

                    1. re: BLM

                      I have only been to Keung Kee once, but have been to Ethan maybe 10 times now. Extremely reasonably priced, quite a few hits, some misses.

                      The BBQ pork is a favourite, I'd say out of the 9 times we have ordered it, it has been excellent 7/9 times, the other two times we received the very fatty parts of the meat, so whilst it was delicious, the value wasn't as good.

                      Yu Hsiang eggplant is delicious, as is the General Tao eggplant (not an every day dish, but deliciously sweet and sticky, and crunchy and creamy all at once)

                      The Chinese greens dishes and beans with pork are also good staples. And it is one of the only places that I have seen prawn/shrimp toast on the menu, which is a standard on Australian Chinese restaurant menus, and something that I miss.

                      1. re: unlaced

                        Thanks both for the feedback on Part of my reluctance on trying their food, is that Ethan is part Chinese roast BBQ shop, but the owner had no previous experience in this area(to my knowledge). You telling me, that their BBQ pork is great is encouraging.

                        1. re: BLM

                          Their BBQ pork is worth the trip...and the BBQ duck is even better - one of my favourite dishes there.

                          1. re: BLM

                            The Chinese meats are more like an addition to the restaurant. I eat a lot of dimsum-y items there, I never eat the standard chinese dishes.

                            1. re: marblebag

                              I agree that Ethan restaurant, their BBQ meats is an addition instead of a focus of the establishment. It's more in a type of HK-style Cafe. Eaten twice at Ethan past two weeks, both times dim-sum-y items(like you).