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Bar Crudo Report 8-2013 [San Francisco]

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I've only seen older reports lately, so i thought i'd start a new discussion.

5 of us went last night and enjoyed ourselves immensely. the servers were accomodating of our number in adjusting how many pieces of fish to bring when ordering items that had pre-set amounts. We started out with 2 dozen of the happy hour $1 oysters, and 2 orders of the happy hour $6 manila clams with smoked paprika, cilantro, white wine. The oyters were great - we forgot to ask what kind they were (the website menu says Pickering Passage, Washington, but I'm not sure if that's still correct) - creamy and briny. the sauce the clams was came in was smokey heaven! we ordered and re-ordered bread to sop it up. we also had the uni and avocado toasts for 4 of us - deliciously buttery - and enough of the Arctic char, scallop, butterfish and tuna crudos so that all five of us each got a piece. I'm hard pressed to pick a favorite. the tuna came with bits of plum which went really well with it. all of it was super fresh and delicious. the scallop with it's corn cream may have been my favorite.

two of us shared the lobster salad, which we loved - big meaty pieces of lobster with rich burrata, and another salad which i'm not sure is on the online menu right now - my memory of it is vague (thanks, prosecco and vino) but it wasn't a favorite - i do seem to remember it had black-eyed peas and some type of crisped bread. two of our group ordered the mussels, and the sauce rivalled the clam broth - rich and buttery and very soppable. they were very good about keeping the bread coming. the fifth in our party ordered the head-on Louisiana prawns with shishito peppers and fresno chilies in a spicy red brodo. It packed some heat but was rather sour for everyone's taste. It wasn't a fan favorite.

overall, however, this place continues to wow.

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  1. Thanks for the update. Deb and I go back to when their shop was next to Tunnel Top. We've always liked it.

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      Good to hear you enjoyed, mc. We had a sub-par experience at BC in May which I already posted about elsewhere, including a version of that salad (still $18 but ours had beets that overpowered rather than tomatoes with rubbery lobster plus burrata). Another salad was 86'd as was one of the mains we wanted which was disappointing at 8 or so on a Friday. The crudo was good if small and the mains we did get were competent. But the service was so bad I can't work up the urge to go back. I usually have a fair amount of patience but this was pretty egregious. We'll go to Skool again for this type of food...

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        i remember your report, and i'm hoping it was an off night. our service was spot-on, especially since we had tickets for a show and they were super acccomodating and speedy even with a packed house.

        i do still want to try Skool.