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Aug 28, 2013 03:52 PM

60th birthday and 30th anniversary - we are going back to Paris! Please Help

We had planned this trip for 2012 but b/c of family illness we moved everything to this year. We are keeping our fingers crossed and I have
finally let myself do some restaurant searches. The following list is some of our old favorites and some places we have been wanting to try.

We will be taking a 7 day river cruise with 3 days in Amsterdam and 3 days in Basel, Switzerland and then driving around Burgandy for 3 weeks so we will have some chances to have nice vacation meals. In other words - even though we are foodies we don't want to do the haute cuisine scene every night in Paris. We will be in Paris on Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon nights. Where does everyone eat on Sunday night in Paris?

Please look at my list and make any suggestions or comments. I have got
to narrow it down....

Also, we will be staying in Beaune, Luneville, Barr and Reims - would love some ideas for these towns as well.

Here is my Paris list:
Chez l'Ami Jean
L' Astrance
Frenchie - is there a difference b/t Frenchie's and Frenchie's Wine Bar
Au Passage
Chez Geroge
Le Violion d'Ingres
Paul Bert
La Café de Mars
Le Petit Troquet

I would so appreciate any guidance from this board!


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  1. I would eliminate Cobea and not having been to the Cafe de Mars or Le P'tit Troquet ever nor L'Astrance in years, am ill-informed about them.
    As for the rest, throw darts although for a 60th/30th combo the most celebratory would be L'Astrance.

    1. In Reims, I'd suggest a splurge for one of your celebration meals at Assiette Champenoise. Chef Arnaud Lallement is arguably the best chef in France right now, and worthy of more than the 2 stars he has. in fact, the location is also a lovely place to stay in the area. Some of the best breakfasts offered there I have ever had in France.

      In Beaune, dinner at Ma Cuisine is a no-brainer. And a tasting and lunch at Chateau de Pommard is also recommended. You'll want to bring home a bottle of their Marc de Bourgogne (not available outside the area).

      1. John & Chef June

        Thank you so much for your replies! I will make some reservations following your tips.