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4505 Meats to take over the former Brother In Laws/Da Pitt BBQ at 705 Divisadero [San Francisco]

Exciting news for those of us who live in the neighborhood or near it. I can't wait. This place has long been a place with potential due to the fact that they have a proper smoker but has always fallen a bit short due to bad management.


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    1. Haighteration reported that construction started after the first of the year with an eye toward opening in March.

      4505's whole hog barbecue preview is Sunday, Feb 9, $20 per plate (advanced purchase) or $25 at the door. It's a fundraiser and tribute for Rodney Scott whose historic pit in Hemingway, South Carolina burned down in November. The Fatback Collective, who have cooked up traditional whole hog bbq at the Eat Real Festival and La Cocina's San Francisco Night Market, will contribute the proceeds to rebuilding Scott's.


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        Thank you! I think I will give this a shot. My hopes are high for this place!

        1. re: sfchris

          I'm a big fan of Rodney Scott. Here are my photos from the three times he's come to Bay Area to cook a hog.

          I'll be there on Sunday. And I have my fingers crossed that Ryan Farr will do him proud. Let's make it a chowdown --- give us the high sign in the parking lot.

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            Celebrating our rain: start at 9 am at Memphis Minnie's for the shrimp & grits and walk to Divisadero & Grove for the Rodney Scott fundraiser at 11am.

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          Any idea what the different tickets indicate? There are Pit Patron ($20), Pit Believe ($50), and Pit Master ($100) tickets. Are these just different donation levels and all get you a plate of pig?

          1. re: Peter Yee

            That's my assumption too. It gives people the opportunity to donate in advance using a credit card.

        3. Here's a link to the chowdown report:

          I forgot to comment on the brisket. This was Farr's baby. They were pulling them out of a Southern Pride smoker on wheels, so it may be different once the place opens and uses different smokers. Nice crusting, tender enough without being mushy, but a bit too lean and therefore not beefy enough in taste. Sauce was in squeeze bottles on the tables and not served on the meat, a plus.

          1. "The day has finally come to celebrate! Starting THIS Saturday, May 3rd at 10:30 am, 4505 Burgers and BBQ will be serving up the best BBQ, cheeseburgers, and more at 705 Divisadero. We’re bringing our meaty goodness to Divis! Rejoice!

            We’re opening up for take-out only to start, and we’ve got the goods to grab and take home or on your picnics at Alamo Square. Our sweet, sunny patio will be opening up in later in mid June, where you can dine with us and sip local wines and beer."


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              I'll be trying this out after a two week road trip to Dallas and Austin.... so the definition of good Q will be fresh in my head. Hope this lives up to the hype! If so it will be the first great Q in the bay area.

              1. re: sfchris

                Comparing 4505's brisket and ribs to Franklin BBQ in Austin? Snow's in Lexington? Kreuz in Lockhart?

                1. re: Cynsa

                  Not close. However, damn good for San Francisco!