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Aug 28, 2013 02:24 PM

Nopi or Kopapa? [London]

I picked Nopi for our first dinner in London next month, but the only reservation I could get was for communal table downstairs. What is that like? There will be 3 of us and some business talk. I've thinking that restaurant upstairs might have been a better fit. So, thinking of changing it to Kopapa. Any feedback on that? We have eaten at Great Queen st and enjoyed it, but I'm a little apprehensive about no reservations on a Saturday night. Also, just checked out Little Social Club. Looks interesting and maybe more low key than Pollan St Social.

Sunday night we are going to line up at Barrafina, we ate there twice last year and loved it. Monday night off to Moti Mahal.

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  1. I love the food at both, but although I don't mind a communal table, I think three is an awkward number - do you sit in a line or either side of an end etc? I'd go with Kopapa. I got a relatively short notice reservation last week.

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      Thanks, Londonlinda. I decided to switch to Social Eating club and will check out Kopapa and Nopi for lunch. Group table not good for our party that first night.

    2. We were a couple eating at the communal able and it was fine but it may be hard to conduct business. Food was great though.