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Aug 28, 2013 02:02 PM

Singapore: Boss Wants Chinese

Meeting the boss for dinner in Singapore. To quote: "Let's go to a decent. Chinese restaurant where we can talk and catch up."
Don't think he has a regional preference.

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  1. The best Chinese restaurants tend to get noisy at peak meal periods:
    - Lei Garden, CHIJMES
    - Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck, Paragon Orchard
    - Crystal Jade Palace, Ngee Ann City
    - Taste Paradise, ION Orchard
    - Jade Palace, Forum Galleria

    For a business lunch/business, you may want to try:
    - Hua Ting, Millennium Orchard
    - Li Bai, Sheraton
    - Wan Hao, Marriott
    - Jiang Nan-chun, Four Seasons

    The only hotel-based Chinese restaurant where I had a *bad* experience (in terms of food) was Yan Ting, St Regis.

    Where are you staying?

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    1. re: klyeoh

      To that list, I would throw in Summer Pavilion at Ritz Carlton and Cherry Garden at Mandarin Oriental also, which are both very good.

      There's something about Hua Ting under the new regime that I just don't like.

      1. re: Julian Teoh

        Ah yes, both solid recs. I'd not been to Summer Pavilion for years now - it was already very good when it first opened in 1996, and I heard it's improved even more in recent years.

    2. Which hotel are you all staying in? Singapore is very compact and well-connected, but many of the top restaurants offer about the same ambience and level of cooking. If you can indicate where you'll be, I think I can suggest some place convenient.
      By the way, where's your boss from? I asked because an American will have some preconceived ideas of what "Chinese" food is supposed to taste like, and may not be used to some of the more authentic Chinese cuisine we have in Singapore.

      1. Define "decent". Is he okay with mid-priced Chinese restaurants like Din Tai Fung?

        1. Thanks to all. We are going to try the Crystal Jade Palace.