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Aug 28, 2013 01:17 PM

Brief report

I was only there for a few days and had to be up early every morning, so i was unable to make the most of the quarter.

I dined at the Lucky Rooster a couple times and wanted to love it. It is like someone wanted to recreate all these Asian dishes without studying asian food or ingredients. The soups are anything but ramen. The broth lacks the clarity, subtlety and control of good Japanese or Viet soups. If anything, the flavors are too strong, ex: the pork soup tasted more like pot roast drippings, not bad but not asian at all. they throw in lots of ingredients to no real effect. the bao are very skimpy and overproiced--- not a good value at all. the korean fried chicken was a small sample for the price, and once again was more like a train wreck of flavors than a symphony. there seems to be zero nuance in the kitchen.

always eating at the bar, i was able to watch the crew, who clearly think they're something special and the customers--- not so much. it wouldn't have irritated me if the food was up to par. at least they enjoyed their performance, i guess. i see now that other writers here have picked up on the strange vibe.

Mr. Bs was fine as always. Gumbo trio and salad are all i could fit that night. all good. sitting at the bar there is always a treat. Perhaps the Lucky Rooster crew could take some notes on how to have a good time at work without being annoying. The Mr. B's folks are expert at joking and being themselves without losing focus on the customers.

Emeril's was close by and i had my one real blow-out dinner. Lamb meatballs with gnocci, gumbo, yada yada, and the great banana cream pie. When i asked for a bourbon cocktail and left it up to the bartender, the asshole poured me a $40 shot over the rocks. That's the last time i leave it up to the bartender.

Last dinner in town was very good at Crescent Pie and Sausage co. crawfish handpie was great. after a few other nibbles, i finally settled on the Mid City Slammer pizza, the coppa on it was deeee-vine.

Cochon Butcher was much better than my last visit two years ago. I had a few sandwiches over a couple days. The Gambino salami fest was quite good, the beef melt overwhelmed the puny bread, but the muffaletta (eaten in the car as i drove back to FL) was by far the best i'd ever had. be still, my heart. i'll never go to Central Grocery again.

hope to come back when i'm not saddled with a sleepy conference. it is simply cruel to schedule a conference in NOLA and start at 8 am.

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  1. gotta ask, what brand was the $40 shot? And yeah, asshole is right whatever it was!

      1. re: andy huse

        That was exceedingly inappropriate if not downright unprofessional. A mention to the maitre d' would have been in order. Just the facts--sans any attitude, plaints or threats. With a smile and good humor is best. Likely as not your drink would have been comped.

        In any event, nice to hear your voice again Andy!

        1. re: andy huse

          I only paid $12 for a Blanton's at the Peabody in Memphis. I would think that would be a similar representation of what Blanton's SHOULD cost in an upscale setting.

        2. RE: Emerils's... You asked for a cocktail and received instead a $40 shot?

          Did you ask for the item to be taken off your bill (since it was not even a cocktail)?

          If not, have communicated with Emeril's afterwards?

          1. If you can identify the bartender, I would let Mr Legasse know the story BUT I would not insist on firing the fellow. I find it is better to make a friend than an enemy and even if I have cause to complain bitterly it has been of benefitto all parties to call something a mistake and just carry on.

            Your muffeletta story is yet another in the ascendance of Mr Link over Central Grocery but I have said for years that Central has been playing at being an image of CG for years. When they put the counters in, I began to think it was all over. There is not enough filling for a longshoreman now although the olive salad is still pretty good. It is a LOT better if you buy a jar, crush some garlic into it, add maybe some red pepper from a pizza parlor and then let it sit in your icebox for a couple of weeks.