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Bay Area Food Festivals and Events - September 2013

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9/2 Oakland - Homestead, 4029 Piedmont Ave., Labor Day barbecue buffet, 12 - 6 pm


9/6 through 4/20/14 San Jose - San Jose Museum of Art, 110 South Market St

This sounds interesting. According to the San Jose Mercury News, "[o]ver the next few months, the museum is going to explore the intersection of agriculture, food and art -- a tasty treat in an area once known for its farming and now as a hub of all things foodie. Part one of the program goes up Sept. 6..."



9/27 - 9/29 Oakland - Jack London Sq., Eat Real Festival


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  1. 8/7 Oakland - Eli’s Mile High Club/Couyon Cajun & Po'boys, 3629 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., 6-11pm, $10 cover

    Eli's anniversary party with music from local bands and with limited food menu from its new in-house cajun kitchen:




    Couyon Cajun & Po'boys is open 12 p.m.-10:30 p.m. weekdays & 12 p.m.-12:30 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays.

    Photo is of homemade fennel pancetta which, according to Couyon's Facebook page, will be available in a few weeks.

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      correction: the date of the party is actually 9/7, not 8/7

    2. 9/5 - Smart snacks in schools, webinar

      9/5, 9/19 & 10/3 - Picnic 'til Sundown at Jack London State Historic Park, Glen Ellen

      9/6 - LuckyRice Feast, San Francisco

      9/6 & 7 - 20th Annual Cloverdale Car & Motorcycle Show (pancake breakfast, tritip bbq)

      9/7 - Sonoma County Taiko Salmon BBQ Fundraiser, Sebastopol

      9/8 - Batch Made Market, San Francisco

      1. 9/7 & 8 - Mountain View Art & Wine Festival

        9/8 - Bayview Mercantile- la troisième partie, San Francisco

        9/12 - Inside the California Food Revolution, SF

        9/14 - 41st Annual Castro Valley/Eden Area Fall Festival

        9/21 - People's Grocery Fall Plant Sale, Oakland

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          Melanie: "9/7 & 8 - Mountain View Art & Wine Festival http://www.miramarevents.com/mountain... "

          Is it customary to include this type of event here? I'm just asking.

          Because if you wanted to, it would be possible to check the sites of the organizing firms contracted to do these street fairs, and post a much longer list.

          They happen all over Peninsula downtowns in season -- same food stalls, same organizing firms; this Miramar Events firm for instance currently lists half a dozen others pending. These fairs are much more generic than the various ethnic or seasonal-produce theme events.

          1. re: eatzalot

            I couldn't say that anything is "customary" other than that events are related to food or drink (and tend not to be hosted by a single for-profit establishment) and that somebody starts a list each month. Curation effort is simply whether someone feels its worth the time to type an addition to the thread each month. I don't and I doubt that anyone else is necessarily recommending these events as some are new or one-offs that none of us have experienced before. If you wanted to recommend or dissuade based on attending an event before, that would be ok too, I'd think.

            More here,

            Edited to add: I see only two upcoming events on the Miramar site and they're not this month.

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              Sorry! Seven roughly similar events listed, but only two are still pending. Most of them will repeat in 2014, as they have for many years, and Miramar is just one such event firm, I've seen other very similar fairs that are annual too and not on that firm's calendar.

              At times when driving to some small downtowns on the peninsula on weekends, I have run into one of these fairs literally three trips in a row, in separate towns. Menlo Park, Burlingame, Los Altos, Sunnyvale, whatever. Same vendors, funnel cakes, Kettle Corn, tamales, Thai bbq, etc. Someone could do a central list (like a Ramen List ;-). It is because of dozens of such experiences over the years that I know how consistent and generic they are.

              They constitute a distinct type of food institution, like food trucks, but rather more predictable.

        2. East Bay events culled from the Mercury News/Contra Costa Times: http://www.mercurynews.com/food-wine/...

          9/7 Walnut Creek - canning and preserving tomatoes, Gardens at Heather Farm, 1540 Marchbanks Drive, $25:


          9/7 Brentwood - Smith Family Farm's Tomato Festival, $10:


          9/7 Berkeley - Brewfest and Street Fair, Pyramid Breweries, free entrance, beer tasting $25/$30:


          9/7 - 9/8 Pittsburg - Seafood and Music Festival:


          9/10 Berkeley - tortilla-making workshop, South Berkeley Farmers Market, free:


          9/13 - 9/15 Concord, Greek Festival, St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, 1955 Kirker Pass Road:


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            9/15 Oakland - Linden Street Brewery, 95 Linden St., Pig Roast Cook-Off, Chop Bar, Tribune Tavern, Lungomare and Brotzeit Lokal chefs roast whole pigs. $4-$20.


            See also #8 in Luke Tsai's East Bay Express column:

            9/17 Berkeley - Claremont Hotel Club and Spa, 41 Tunnel Road, Angel's Envy Bourbon and Barbecue, bourbon-based cocktails and a barbecue, 5:30 p.m. $59. Reservations: 510-549-8585.

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              Ben reports from the 9/15 Linden Street Roast Pork Cook-off that his favorite roast pork dishes were from Brotzeit and Lungomare.


          2. 9/7 - Redwood City - Oktoberfest at Gourmet Haus Staudt. They put up the huge tent, bring in the oompah band, etc. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gourme...

            1. 9/15 El Cerrito, Sycamore Church Bazaar, 1111 Navellier, El Cerrito, noon to 4pm. Japanese-American church fundraiser, going strong for over 60 years. There will be lots of tasty food for purchase (grilled teriyaki chicken, hamburgers, udon, japanese curry rice, sushi rolls, rootbeer floats, bake sale, etc.). All staffed and cooked by church volunteers. There will also be booth games (beanbag toss, etc), musical performances (taiko, singing), a bounce house, a silent auction for lots of certificates to local businesses and gift baskets, prize raffles, a rummage sale, and a plant sale.

              9/20 - 9/22 San Francisco - SF Greek Festival, Annunciation Cathedral, 245 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
              Another church fundraiser with music, dancing, delicious food (pastisio, tiriopita, loukoumades, galatoboureko, etc

              1. 9/7 - Sonoma Mandala Bazaar, Sonoma Mountain Zen Center

                9/7 - County of Sonoma Jail Industries Plant Sale, Santa Rosa

                9/7 - Penngrove Social Firemen Hawaiian Luau

                9/7 - 18th Annual Sebastopol Cajun Zydeco Festival

                9/7 - 27th Annual Beer in the Plaza, Healdsburg

                9/10, 11 & 12 - Heirloom Exposition, Santa Rosa

                9/12 - Women in Wine, Sonoma

                9/14 - Fiesta de Independencia, Santa Rosa
                (I've attended this in years past and enjoyed some very good Mexican home cooking in the food court)

                9/14 - Petaluma River Craft Beer Festival

                9/14 & 15, Much Ado about Sebastopol

                9/29 - Green, Eggs & Jam, San Francisco

                1. 9/13-15 - 8th Annual Middle Eastern and Greek Food Festival, Milpitas

                  9/14 - Downtown Brew Crawl, Morgan Hill

                  9/15 - San Jose 17th Polski Festiwal

                  9/15 - ¡Viva Tamales! Tamale Cook-off y Fiesta, Oakland

                  9/20-22 - Pleasanton Harvest Festival

                  9/21 - Pop-up Andalusian dinner at Bay Area Flamenco Festival

                  9/22 - Resurgence of Urban Farming in Berkeley and film "Edible City"

                  9/25 - Small-scale farming, resistance and food sovereignty: a conversation with Basque Farmers’ Union, EHNE, Berkeley

                  9/28 - An Evening with EHNE-Bizkaia at Sky Horse Ranch, Valley Ford

                  9/29 - Chinese Moon Festival, San Jose

                  1. Lodi Grape Festival, 9/12-15.

                    1. 9/20 - Black & Pink Bash, SF

                      9/22 - Slow Food Russian River: Reducing Waste, Relieving Hunger with CropMobster and COTS @ Bloomfield Farms

                      9/28 - Kendall-Jackson Heirloom Tomato Festival, Fulton

                      9/28 - San Mateo Coast Farm Tour

                      1. 9/17 Oakland - Taste of Temescal, Sold Out, "Event is sold out. There are no tickets but you can still enjoy the music, ambience, and great eats. Restaurants will be open as usual for customers, Thank you!"


                        9/19 Oakland - Kitchener Oakland, 372 24th St., 6 to 9 p.m., Harvest Moon Pop-Up Market and Kickstarter Launch Party, pop-up food market and art exhibit with food from Kitchener’s Bump City Bakery, The Pie Shop,Powered by Pork,


                        1. 9/20 - Notoberfest, Benefit for The Food Pantry, San Francisco

                          9/20-22 - Oktoberfest by the Bay, San Francisco

                          9/21 - Boun Kao Salak, Laotian food sale, Wat Lao Saysettha, Santa Rosa

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                            Yesterday I dropped by the Lao temple on my way to the Crane Melon Barn to grab a quick lunch of Fer Vienchan (Pho Vientiane), so good on a drizzly day. Rau ram and mint were the garnishes. A last minute addition to the menu was nam kao (rice ball salad), so of course I had to order that too, and it was the best version I've had here. New to me were the pork-filled tapioca balls. The tomatoes and chili peppers from the temple gardens found their way into many dishes.

                            Turn out was light because the temple did little publicity for this one. Next month's food festival with be on the 26th.

                          2. 9/25 - Food MythBusters Movie Launch

                            9/25-29 - 27th Annual Wine Country Film Festival

                            9/27-29 - Sonoma Valley Crush

                            9/27-29 - 116th Valley of the Moon Vintage Festival

                            9/29 - 3rd Annual Marina Family Fest, San Francisco