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Aug 28, 2013 12:48 PM

mid price vegas dinner for 10 fun/party/pre bday celebration for people in 30's

sat going to jaleo (staying at cosmo) but for fri want something mid range for price maybe a steak house..was looking at charlie palmers cut of the week due to pricing however heard really mixed things..

any old school vegas ideas for dinner? trying to do something a bit different/retro...confusing!

concierge said to go to sugar something at paris but thinking it might be cheesy and not at all what i want ideas?

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  1. What do you consider mid range price? You're not going to find another steakhouse on the Strip that matches the Cut of the Week price.

    1. Are you willing to go off Strip for something retro. I've lived here for fourteen years and know of no retro on the Strip. You may want to check the Golden Steer which is just west of the Strip or the Flame at the El Cortez which is downtown.

      1. you might consider the barrymore. it's retro in style and is just off the strip. The food is less expensive then many vegas steak houses.

        1. Cut of the Week is a great deal provided you like what they are serving that week. We booked a reservation and were excited to try it... until the put up the new menu and we saw they were serving lamb chops. None of us eat lamb so we wound up cancelling.