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Aug 28, 2013 10:48 AM

Favorite ethnic markets in Raleigh - been to Polonez Polish Market?

I wanted to start a discussion about ethnic markets and finding interesting things. I had not heard about this Polish market before. Anyone been there? Sounds like a good place to pick up some smoked sausage. Any other local markets you like?

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  1. Durham has a polish market (Halgo) and there are several Eastern Asian and Indian markets between Raleigh and Durham. There is also Capri Flavors in Morrisville. Are you looking ethnic only or also specialized shops like Blue Sky Oil and Vinegar? Does Neomonde count as a shop?

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      Yes I've been to Halgo and that place is pretty cool. I think what I'd specifically want to buy is meats and or cheeses for making a yummy dinner. So places that have meats to bring home and cook, for myself. Or baked goods! But it'd be fun to find somewhere new to go and explore.

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        Rose's Meat and Sweets local butchery but not ethnic. Not much in the way of ethnic cheeses in these parts from my limited knowledge. Well like I said you have East Asian, Indian, African, Italian, Polish, and then your hodge podge type places.

        Li Ming, Grand Asia, Capri Flavors, Mithai House (Indian sweets), Silver Wok, Around The World, Neomonde, even Compare Foods to a degree. La Superior in Durham on N. Roxboro is meat and bakery. You should check out the green market (I think that is what it is called) that is mostly latin american farmers market type deal but don't recall if that is in durham or wake forest.

        But what you are looking for doesn't require any ethnic markets so its a little confusing.

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          The middle eastern markets in Raleigh are definitely worth exploring. Neomonde, of course, but also Al Baraka on Hillsborough St (try their variety of fresh roasted nuts --some with spices), Almadina on Method off western blvd (great Halal butcher-- very fresh meat) w/ a separate bakery, and in Mission Valley, you'll find the Nur Grocery and Jerusalem Bakery & Grocery. Way up in North Raleigh nr Triangle Town Center, there is a grocery attached to the Petra Grill.

          All worth exploring and I often hit a number of them trying to hunt down our favorite Ziyad yogurt. Never know which store will have it at any time.

      2. Polonez is small but nice. The staff is helpful too. They are about the only place I can find Farmers Cheese when I get a blintz craving. They don't have a deli, but they have a good variety of sausages, etc. in the coolers. IIRC there is a little Jamaican market a few doors down.

        I like Caspian a lot too. They are just a few doors down from the SW corner of Brentwood and Capital Blvd. Lots of interesting stuff! Rockycat can probably give more details about their products...

        I like International (formerly Compare) on New Hope Church Rd. at the NE corner of Atlantic. Great produce prices and wide variety of Hispanic items. I often get chicken feet there for my stock.

        Also on New Hope Church Rd. at Capital is a small (Vietnamese I think) grocery on the side of the Miller Mott plaza. I get Thai basil there and other odds and ends when I don't want to make the trek to Grand Asia.

        At the NE corner of that intersection is another Hispanic grocery. They have some items, chorizo for ex., that differ from International. I do like International better though - they have better produce.

        Have fun exploring!